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And this is my last night as Katy Witbrod.
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Luke brought up an amusing point this morning. We're getting our marriage license on April Fool's Day.

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April 9th, 2011.

That's the official date...it's time to REALLY start planning.

Eight months to go.

Holy crap.
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So with taxes, I have to pay $375.84 up front for the Chinese Garden. No big deal, we'll save up a little bit for that extra bit. I'm just worried about parring down the guest list so much. 25 people, including the seven members of the wedding party (Bride, groom, two attendants each for them, and the officiant). My immediate family consists of my mother, stepfather, brother, his girlfriend (I'm not making Patrick come to my wedding by himself. Just no way. Not after the "Big wedding" in Chicago that I still angy-face over), my sister, brother-in-law, and niece.

There's fourteen.

Luke's side of the family-- His mom, sister, grandmother, grandfather. POSSIBLY his father, but given their history, I'm not sure if I want him there.


Now here's where it gets tricky. My aunt, uncle, cousin+husband, and cousin+wife should also be invited. There's another six, leaving us at twenty-four. Okay. Cool. That should be good. BUT...his uncles and aunts and cousins might want to come too. I don't want mine to come if his can't. But since I was invited to Cousin#1's wedding, I have to reciprocate, right?

Gaaaaaaaaaaah. I think I just need to talk this over with Luke. A lot. Kinda hard though, as he started his new joooob!!
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Well, I can officially start to make wedding plans. The date has been set-- June 12, 2011, and it's time to really start to decide things. Right now my main concern is the location. I have my heart set on the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis-- either the Chinese Garden or the Japanese Garden. Problems: Chinese Garden will only allow 25 guests, standing only. Japanese Garden will allow for up to 200 seated guests, but it's much more expensive.

I also have to figure out if I can -just- have my ceremony at the gardens, or if I have to cater my reception through the people too. I'd rather --

...New thought. Science center! xD Too bad I want an outdoor wedding.

Anyway...colors have been picked, thinking heavily on the guest list, but the guest list depends on the venue at this point.

So much to do! Only 490 days to go!


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