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Quote of the day-

Val: You know, when I woke up this morning, I didn't think to myself, "Oh, I should get pictures of Rufus peeing on Alazar!

I lack words. XD

12 hour shift tomorrow, sleepy time for me.
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[livejournal.com profile] br_roleplay players win at life. It's that simple.

I think I'm going to do a functional layout again soon. I love my Shitennou, but it's hard to navigate. And maybe I'll redo my userinfo. ANY SUGGESTIONS ON A THEME!?

By the way, Chuck Norris and Alexandra. *insane giggle*
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...Another weird dream. I won't name any names, because the person in it occasionally reads my journal...and it's rather silly, as I rarely talk to him, he's just an occasional RP buddy...but it was..odd. Blame it all on the crazies on my floor.

Okay..so I was going home for the weekend, and it started to snow. No biggie. Just a few flurries. We make it home, it's late, so I go to bed. When I wake up in the morning, on the bed in the other side of the room is..this friend. And I'm boggling, wondering what the hell he's doing in Missouri, and even more importantly, what he's doing in the bed. So I start freaking out, thinking my mom will flip..she comes to the door, I hold it closed and stick my head out..and then she's like "Oh, by the way, your friend got stuck in the snow last night, I told him he could stay here."


I look out the window..there's like..half an inch of snow. So I'm like "Eh...ooooooooooookay." But hey..it's cool. I mean..this guy is very good looking, I could easily turn the story around to impress my friends. *coughcough* So now I'm freaking out, because I have insanely bad bedhead every morning, and I don't want him to see me when I look all ugly, and he gets up too, before I have a chance, gives me a huge hug and is all happy to see me. But then I remember his little repuation, and wonder how much of a story I want to fabricate.

Then comes the part which I blame on my floor. I walk out, and am suddenly in this RPGish dungeon....with condom balloons everywhere. >.< For those who don't know, the latest trend on my floor is blowing up condoms and taping them to the door. Needless to say, there won't be any on my door. If Corinne tries, I'll say no way. That's just..weird. O.o..Anyway, back to the story. The guy and I start stomping them to pop them, he kisses me on the cheek...and then I wake up.

First thing after waking up I said..yes..audibly said "What the hell was [his name] doing in my dream!?"

I'm still laughing about it. I mean...that was so..amusing. Oh. And the first batch of condom balloons...they're deflating. >.>
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Okay. I had a rather...interesting experience last night. As a few people know, I haven't been sleeping well. I'm up on the computer or something until all hours of the night...and then it takes a long time, sometimes around 2 more hours, to fall asleep. A mix of caffiene, stress, and other random things have made it so...

But anyway, last night I managed to get to sleep around 3ish, and since I'm running short of REM sleep, it starts pretty quick. I don't even remember what I was dreaming about, but I suddenly wake up because I feel pressure on my face. I wake up, and it feels like I have a warm cat curled up on my face. O.o

So I'm like..about to scream. I mean...there aren't any animals in the dorm! And it's actually..warm! My heart begins racing, I'm completely freaked out, and I tear the thing off my head.

Turns it out was one of my stuffed bears, Boris. He's a red and black bear, very furry, looks Russian, hence the name Boris. And I'm going "WTF?" ...and after I take about 5 minutes to calm down and stop my heart from beating so heavily, I fall back asleep.

Later I tried tor ecreate the incident..but I couldn't get Boris to balance on my face, no matter what I did. So yeah...that was...weird. Very weird.

And in other news...Psych was awesome. I just have this desire to learn everything I can about it. Definitely changing my major to it. I mean..I still love anthropology, but it's not as fun as it was last semester. We're not learning about specific cultures anymore. Sigh. That's what I loved about it. But..eh, yeah. Psych was definitely awesome. We're doing the so-called 'boring' stuff right now, but I'm having a ball with it. *cackles* I came up with some good plans for whenever I eventually take over the world. Conditioning is funfunsillywilly ^_^

And then I chilled for a few hours until 5, ate dinner, then went to the anime club meeting, laughed my ass off at Slayers, went "oooh! Yay!" at all the blood in Samurai X, and then went "Oh.....blah" when we were forced tow atch an episode of Big O. We had to, because in order to get the free DVD's we get every month, we have to get the crappy ones and write about them too. Meh. I want more Witch Hunter Robin!

And the weird thing..Rueban lost my phone number, and we didn't have Spanish at all this week, so he couldn't get it...so tracked me down at the meeting. Kinda creepy, but flattering. Now to tell him that I don't feel the same way about him as he feels about me. Beside, I have myself a marvelous guy already. ^_^

Still..my mom was like "oh, go on a date with him anyway"..But I'm going to postpone dinner until I feel better. Eh...anyone who watches Slayers would understand this reference...but..eh..if I were Lina Inverse (Or any other woman in that particular series' universe)...I wouldn't be able to use magic *giggle* ..So yeah, I'm bitchy enough now, don't wanna make it worse.

And I'm tired. Corinne's out at some party, Kaycee's watching the male strippers, Sam is lame enough to sleep...Marie..meh, I'm a tad miffed at her (caught her talking about me >.<)...so no one on the floor is around to amuse me. Oh well. I'll amuse myself for a while...Maybe. I'm in that "I'm so bored that I'm too bored to alleviate my boredom" mode.
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Okay...so I'm still on the whole true love/soul mate bit. Bear with me.

So anyway...how does one say "Hey, I think you're my soul mate?" I mean..I can see someone talking about being their true love...because there are visible signs...but with a soulmate, that's harder.

Ooh. And in other news, I discovered that Kyle and I have the same scar in the same place on the same hand.

Creepy, eh?

And chocalte chai tea is NOT a good thing to drink before bed. I am so wired that I don't see myself sleeping for a while yet.
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Bwuah. Fear my brushes! I love Photoshop 7. I'm having fun making brushes...and yes, I realize the text in my current icon is...small and barely readable..but the brushes! The brushes make it gorgeous! Bwuah.

....And merf. I'll edit this later. My question from yesterday opened up a whoe new can of worms.

And here is the edit. :)

So anyway, after getting the respsonces on both my LJ and from my friends on the floor, I came to the conclusion that yes..your true love and soul mate can be two different people..but me being the sadistic little whacko, I began to wonder..

A- What would happen if your true love became jealous of your soul mate? Then would s/he suddenly not be your true love for thinking such things?

B- If A happens, and you drop true love, do you have another true love, or is your soul mate actually your true love...(i.e. they ARE the same person)

C- What if your soul mate really loves you, but doesn't want to get in the way of your supposed true love?

D- What if both are secretly jealous of each other and show it in ways that eventually pissed you off so you drop 'em both?

E- What if one dies? Then can one take the place of the other, or is there someone completely new? Or maybe..is it just..over..

F- What if your true love is your spouse...but your soul mate becomes your (pardon the language)fuckbuddy?

......I'm sooo turning this into a story. (:
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A few lessons have been learned this week. First of all, don't wear an ankle length coat in mid-calf deep snow. Secondly, don't bother practicing for a speech because they students will give you excellent peer reviews anyway. Third- only the pretty sorority girls will get to finals in a public speaking event. :)

This has been a boring week, but merf. It went by pretty fast. Slept through Spanish Monday morning, but then everything kinda..zipped by. I had the Public Speaking Showcase on Tuesday and snickered as some of the most boring speeches won...then had Speech last night, gave my speech on video game violence..and apparently did much better than expected. So..yeah. today was my last class of the semester, got chewed out for having loans..O.o Sometimes I wonder if it'd be smarter to go to a cheaper community college. Might make life a lot better. Maybe. So yeah.

Oh, yeah. Let's not forget Tuesday night. About 12:15, after I got off the phone with Max, Corinne and I went out and played in the snow. First snowball of the year!! t'was fun, and it's nice that Corinne and I are getting along. Dare I say we're almost friends? Almost...but not quite. Well..we've actually been talking though, so it's a plus. And...we made a mini-snowman, and he's still in the freezer. We named him Harry Potter, 'cause Corinne tried to put cheerios on him as eyes. T'was funny.

And yeah...short post, but merf.

Memes and Quizzes!!! )
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Okay...I've kept all of my readers (What, all...two of you? ^_~) in suspense, so I'm finally going to write up this post.

Let's start with my week at home. Gah. I haven't been so bored in ...forever. Friday night I killed my back 'cause I was always leaning forward to talk to mom and Dave..then I slept, and Saturday was..weird. I helped skin a deer. *shudder* Nasty. Insanely. I'm proud of myself though, because I'm realyl squeamish around bloody and such, and that was one of the bloodiest things I've ever been around. Actually...the bloodiest thing I've ever been around. I made Marie come pick me up though, because A- I was cold, and B- it was getting too nasty when they cut the deer's head off. That was enough for me, heh. And I think I'll be out of school by the time we get the house done. Dave's sick and whutnot..so I'm seeing the rest of the family being in town until I'm long gone. Sigh. We never should have bought that place. It was...not worth it. At all. I think Mom and Dave were deluding themselves. Of course, I'll never actually say that, but I think that. -_-;

Hmm..then Saturday night I went to the play..and about died laughing. They did Captain Fantastic, another Tim Kelly play, and I was like. "haha!" the entire way through. It was also cool, 'cause I sat by Ms. Sheeley and only we and a few other people got some of the more subtle jokes, mostly plays on words and whutnot. T'was a pity that I didn't see Mrs. Condray of Mrs. Nickles though. That woulda made things perfect. And then Lissie came over, we had cake for mom's birthday, and then Sunday was boring. Normal day. I decided to skip Spanish and Anthropology Monday, so I went ahead and stayed over. Big mistake. I ended up cleaning the house. >.< It's like..I don't mind cleaning up after myself and sometimes Christina, but I DON'T LIVE THERE ANYMORE! I don't even think I'll stay there over the summer, I want to move in with Marie so that I can get a job in Rolla, which would be sooo much easier than trying to find a job in Salem. Er...off on a tangent. Again.

Okay. So yeah. Dull Thanksgiving, I spent the night before cleaning with Marie (Which was okay, 'cause my sister is the coolest person in the world), and then the day stuffing olives (which was okay, I guess) and watching dumb movies. I'm sorry, but you can only watch Scrooged so many times before it gets insanely old -_- Then Friday was boring, playing Kingdom Hearts...and finally, Saturday I got to come back to the dorms! It was amazingly wonderful. Almost no one was in the dorms because it was still technically Thanksgiving break, so I could play my music...and actually work on graphics. It was wonderful. I managed to get TE finished. ^_^ Looks pretty good, even though I have to use FrontPage. Gah. One of these days I'm going to learn html. I swear!

So yeah...then I have some random stuff happen in class, nothing special. As usual, the majority of the drama happens online. Although, I'm just going to sorta half rant about UFF9 for a few moments. :) I'm not exactly happy with a few things. Most notable keeping luna in her mod spot. Now..Lu is an awesome person, I love her to death, but she has done NOTHING for well over a month. I'm convinced that the only reason she's still there is because of Silverwolf. Once again, a guy I love to death, but come on! The graphics forum is my love, and I have soo many ideas for it..starting up something like Shinra, 'cause we have a few graphic artists, but no incentive to post. Meh. Soooooo many ideas, but Lu isn't even around so I can share 'em so she can think about putting them into effect. UFF9 needs some posting incentives, and there are sooo many ideas I have for the graphics forum, but I would rather be selfish.

Anyway...enough for now. Just...visit TE or something.....Oh. Battle Royale is uber-ness incarnate. (:
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Oh ho!  Reno!
I'm Reno. Go me.

...CK gets all kudos for getting me the Kim Possible theme song. And I still have a lot to write about but I'm still too lazy.
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....I hav tons to write about, but for now, I just must post this request..

Someone find me an mp3 of "Call Me Beep Me" from Kim Possible. I will love you forever if you do!

I've also decided that it's scary when my own obsessions frighten me.


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