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As I go through the notes for my "big" novel, the story idea I have had in my head since I was about thirteen years old and have expounded upon since, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps I'm not meant to be a novelist, but a fantasy world builder. I'm much happier when working on things like how kingdoms are divided, or the ways magic works, and the size and purpose of villages.

...Yes, I do understand that that's not exactly a field that's very...lucrative.

My dream is to make an "open-source" world, where I provide the framework and anyone can expound upon that. Yeah, that wouldn't work for publishing (as I would want anyone to play in Akransolo, not just talented writers), but the idea of creating something like that thrills me. I actually break out into a smile just thinking about it.

Sure, I have characters and plot ideas, but creating the history and drama and simple ways of life is much more rewarding to me right now.

Also? Early Christmas present. Brand new monitor. It's wonderful!
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In which I think too much about Mary Sue's, feminism, and magic. And where the hell apostrophes go. )
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...I was going to post this earlier, but forgot. This is my speech on "geekiness"...and it got an "excellent" grade from my professor, as well as several "excellent" and "very good" from the people in class. In fact, I might have to give it in a competition. ...and since I don't have the patience to format it to html, you'll just have to click the link.

What it is to be a Geek

...and SWFL is alive again! As in..quite alive. So..go join! And join Twilight's Embrace as well!
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She had been here before, when she was just a child. It was differnet then, much calmer and brighter, there wasn't any crime or pollution as there was now. Thje buildings had been new then, now they were dilapitated wrecks, Of course, much time had passed, as Isabella's childhood was three hundred years before.

Her chocalate brown eyes, showing ebony in the darkness, glanced around the ruins of her favorite childhood vacation spot. Now it was a den of thieves, completely polluted by excess sewage running through the streets. Yet it was in this hell-hole that Isabella would find him.

Him. The last person she would have ever expected to ask for help. He had been her mentor in the previous century, but differences in the doctrine of Lekoi has split them completely apart. She had vowed to kill him on sight; he had done the same.

Isabella knew she was taking her life into her hands, but Dyshen was the only remaining being alive who possessed the knowledge to defeat her most recent foe- herself.

"Aye, beautiful, how 'bouts ye join me and me mates t'night for a wee bit o'fun?"

At the sound of strange voices, Isabella cringed. She had been expecting trouble and prepared accordingly, but she had hoped that she could make it to Dyshen's without needing to make a scene. It would normally take a simple spell to wipe out all opposition, but since breaking from her mental prison, Isabelle had barely the energy to slip in and out of her dream realm for rejuvenation and continuing immortal youth.

"Oh, I'm afraid ye will want nothing to do with an old woman, Isabella said, removing the cowl from her head to reveal as masked face, a visage of a very elderly woman. "The rest of me be just as wrinkled as me face," she continued, affecting an aged accent.

The looks on the pirates faces were priceless, and Isabella couldn't supress a smile or another comment. "Aye, ye not be interested in experience?" she called out, her grin growing wider as the men quickly dissapeared back into the shadows. Very rarely were common criminals desperate enough to take an old wrinkled woman's offer.

As the accousters flad back into the night, Isabella once more pulled on her hood. She was closer to her goal, but there was still doubt in the back of her mind. What if her spies had been misinformed, or worse, had lied to her? There was already the fact that her life was in danger, Isabella didn't want it to be so for nothing. There were countless possibilities, few of whihc had a happy ending. And of course, if Dyshen chose not to help her, she would be completely powerless and at his mercy.

That thought didn't sit too well with her. As a Lekonian mage she prided herself on independence and not submitting to anyone. Her great-grandfather had been witness to the first manifestation of Lekoi, an event that cemented her families authority over others. She had grown up completely convinced of her own superiority, so this was a new experience for her.

...Stay tuned for more. :)


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