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Cheesy, yes. But completely true. My husband's face at our wedding. It's the only thing I can really remember from that day, actually.
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May 16th, 2002.

My entire family, plus several friends, all piled into a church bus and drove to the next town over, the one that actually had a movie theater. We left immediately after school, given that my stepdad wasn't the sort to let us out of classes for a mere movie...and when we got there? Well..

Out come my friends first, all decked out in bounty hunter costumes and toy lightsabres. Then I come out, lightsabre and Jedi robes. Then my little brother, also Jedi'd up.

And then, in front of hundreds of people, my 50-someodd year old mother, a Star Wars fan since 1977, descends from the car, completely dressed up as a Republic Senator.

Why yes, I come by my geekdom honestly.
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Within Temptation in Chicago, back in September of 07. I had to drive ten hours to get there, as I live in the middle of nowhere Missouri, but that was the closest they were going to be. So after the insanely long drive, and the long wait in line...and the two ho-hum opening acts...

There she was. The most amazing singer in the entire universe-- I am not exaggerating here, and one of the most beautiful women in the world. The energy put into the show was unlike any I've seen or have seen since, and the look of enjoyment that Sharon den Adel had on her face could not be faked.

Worth the tickets?

Hell yes.

Worth the drive?

Hell yes.

Worth driving and parking in downtown Chicago on a Saturday night?

Hell yes.

I've been to a fair amount of shows in my life, but none even come close to that concert.


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