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Oh no! Fandoms merging in my subconscious to become really friggin hot scary! Last night I had a dream that Gale (Friends character, FF7 OC) was Darken Rahl (show version, not book version). And uh....yeah. Somehow it really, really fits. And now I can't stop snickering at myself. At least I'm not turning into the fangirl I was ten years ago?

Speaking of dreams, Inception was an AMAZING movie. Best one of the year, most definitely. Mr. Dicaprio can still act...even though I still can't help but picture him as Jack.

Work tonight and tomorrow night, not to mention about 80 zillion things on Wednesday, so I'm going to be pretty much out of commission until Thursday. Dumb 12 hour nightshifts. At least they give me a chance to read and write, so I should have no problem finishing my story for [livejournal.com profile] legendland, and tonight I should also be able to finish Naked Empire which is so far kinda boring (But I said the same thing about Faith of the Fallen and I ended up really enjoying that, mostly for the badass Kahlan bits). I also picked up The Hunger Games on recommendation from a good friend, so it'll be young adult lit time after I'm done with Naked Empire.

...Ehehehe Gale!Darken. Would that mean I can imagine Sai!Kahlan, a la Season 1 finale? Shifty-eyes?

Oh yes. I also had major zombie dreams last night too. Strangely enough, L4D zombies, though I've been playing Bioshock and the Splicers are rather zombie-like.

Speaking of Bioshock (I know I'm late to the game here, only just now playing the first), BIG DADDIES SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME.
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Ah. My last.fm friends are probably going "THANK GOD!" since I've been listening to my normal female fronted metal again. Lady Gaga has taken a backseat for a few days.

Yesterday was my last official day in the business office...and I'm really, really glad about that. I won't go into any details on a public forum, but taking the night registration job is DEFINITELY better for me. Sure, a lot less hours, but it's doing something I genuinely enjoy.

And with my new free time, I hope to be doing some volunteer work. Either the animal shelter or the library, I think.

...And I'm also going to take a week or two to simply relax.
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One of these days, I'll start updating daily again.

...Maybe sooner than later. I accepted a different position at work with less hours, but much more suited to me.
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Last night I dreamt that I was a sentient can of soup.

wtf, self?

Also, late for work because I can't get my car out of park. Joy.
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y halo thar, 5 am.

We really need to stop meeting like this.
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Quote of the day-

Val: You know, when I woke up this morning, I didn't think to myself, "Oh, I should get pictures of Rufus peeing on Alazar!

I lack words. XD

12 hour shift tomorrow, sleepy time for me.
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Note to self: Remember dream from tonight. Will make awesome Mary Sue story later. Psuedo-Egypt, Hot blonde girl. Royalty, hot archaeologist, magic, not supposed to be there, stuck there, forbidden love, scorpions, evil dude, etc.

Also, MASSIVE KUDOS to me for forgetting that I was supposed to go into work early today. Sigh. At least I'm finished with classes now.
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Sometimes I hate my subconscious. I had a dream that I woke up, looked at my clock, and it said "10:19." So I immediately jumped up, and looked at my computer clock...which said "9:19." ...then I wandered to the living room to see Justin playing a game, and he said it was only 7:19. I was all "Oh man, then I could have gotten some more sleep..but I'm up, time to work on my project. Plenty of time now!"

....And then I woke up. -_-

Oh well. Half the storyboard text needs to be done, (insanely easy), my direct mail piece (Another insanely easy thing) and my radio commercial, which I'll record when I get home from work.

Thank God this is the end of the semester.
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So, we got distracted by Pirates of the Caribbean II, and watched that instead of putting up the tree. Oops. Still, it was worth it. I have an urge to check ff.net and aff.net for fiction, so I can spork my eyes out. :)

In other news, we had an incident command class at work today. It was actually pretty fascinating. Of course, whether or not it works in an actual emergency is a completely different story.
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] ayllix

What do the LOTR men think of you? by ladyearwentari
Name (LJ or Real)
Viggo said yourcool
Orlando says the sex waswicked
Elijah imaginedyou naked
Sean B could notwait to get away from you
Karl freaked out whenyou tied up the cast members
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Billy noticedthat you're hella short
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Alrighty...I've needed to write up a new entry for a while. Just..never got around to it. This is the first night that I've managed to be free for a week..and even still, I'm not entirely free. Anyway..Sunday was, as expected, completely hellish. I woke up, showered, and as I'm getting dressed, I discover that the zipper on my work pants broke...like..beyond repair. One of the little metal things in the zipper broke..so I had to wear my wrinkly dress pants because I had no other suitable black pants. Meh. And then I mixed 27 and 29's slippers...but then got a 40 dollar tip and got to leave early..had a nice break, but then we had to get things ready for Tosca..which took forever. Although..I did get a frickin awesome compliment Bridget, the wardrobe lady, told me that after working the wardrobe set I did, that I could work just about any Broadway show. Yeah. I was pretty happy about that.

And then I was stupid enough to volunteer to work Monday. Buncha sexist Russians thinking I couldn't carry stuff. Hmph. T'was a fun load-in though. Cindy and I made fun of the silly Russians...and then class, blah. And then right after Spanish, I raced back to the Hall adn watched Tosca.

Wow. I had never been to the opera before...and I want to go many more times. I was...floored. The typical story..woman loves man, man loves woman, man harbors criminal, is caught, woman is told she can save him by having sex with the bad guy, woman kills bad guy, man is killed, woman kills self...but still..insanely awesome. And the load-out was relatively easy.

I had a few more things I wanted to say, but I'm too tired. I'll update sometime in the morning.
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Happy Half-birthday to me!

Only six more months until I'm 20. Yeah. :)

Now to get ready for work. Dammit...if I could call in today, I would. I sooooooooo would. But today..I'd get myself fired. (:

Oh well. Lotsa hours.
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Yes. Katy drank tonight. I had half a beer and a bottle of hard lemonade. Certainly nothing buzzworthy..at least not for me...yet there were several there who were almost drunk with far less than what I had. Suppose I have my Scots-Irish heritage to thank for that. I mean..right now I'm not typing well, but that can easily be attributed to exhaustion...I mean..I worked the show, had a few minor screwups, but that was just because they switched people around on me.

Anyway..yeah. I am exhausted and I decided that I'm going to fail my pysch test Monday. I missed 3 classes in the last two weeks, and yea...I'm screwed. Sigh. Otherwise though, I'm in a really good mood. Plus I'm going to dinner with Darin between tomorrow's shows (Just to the dining hall. Don't be thinking anything...although I had to go through that when I had to walk his drunk ass back to his building. He had five hard lemonades and 4 or 5 beers...er..back on topic)...so yeah. It was fun. I'm not much of a drinker..but I do love hard lemonade.

I am regretting drinking on an empty stomache though. Even that little bit was enough to make it mildy hurt...nothing major though. I'll have a brownie and be fine.

Meh. I'm going to eat a brownie, drink a glass of water...and sleep. Tomorrow's going to be rough. Show

Edit: I swear, I am not even buzzed! I looked at this and realized I didn't finish a sentence and went. "ooooh dear" ...so the end of that should be

"Meh. I'm going to eat a brownie, drink a glass of water...and sleep. Tomorrow's going to be rough. Show tomorrow at 2 and 8"
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Forever Love )

I love that song. 'tis the ending theme of X/1999, but I posted it in English, so people could actually understand it. Anyway, I'm still kind..mehish. Next week will be the week from hell, too. >.< Monday will be okay. Pysch, Ethics, Spanish...Tuesday through Sunday...eh...complete 'nother story. I discovered that I shall have to cut Anthro and Computers to work wardrobe for Miss Saigon..and then Wednesday should be all right, normal class stuff...but Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday..and Sunday, I believe, I get to work the show. Sigh. I'm almost afraid to, because if Brian puts me somewhere where I don't know how to do something..ergh. I'll just die.

I'm already having nightmares about it. Last night I dreamt that I was working the show and the performing all got sick, but the show had to go on, so we techies were given scripts and told to go out there. >.> Normally that would be like.."OMG! I AM SO HAPPY!" but the performers that weren't sick were so snotty to us and I tried to use a fan to hide the script, but they took that away and made me use a folder. O.o ...So then I'm trying to get my lines out, but the book isn't highlighted and the stage is dark, so I screw up.

Sigh. At least it is completely impossible for that to happen..but I'm still scared about that show. I've never worked a huge show, just the symphony and small venues. I just don't want to screw up.

At least I got the party at Amy's this weekend. :)
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So turn on the light and reveal all the glory...

Wow. Today was both insanely crappy and insanely awesome.

First of all, Anthropology sucked. Royally. I almost fell asleep, but then again, Wedenoja is a rather boring professor. He's cool when talking about the field work he did in Jamaica, but otherwise...blah. So yeah. Blah. Then I came back to the dorm after nearly freezing my ass off...got online, was online for a while, then wandered over to computers. A waste of time. We were there for all of 15 minutes, because the professor had to get to a doctors appointment. And all we did was go over the cd-rom thingy that came with the books...and it is SOO easy to cheat in that class. I mean..insanely easy.

Anyway..after that, I got a little..miffed at something, so read until 4ish, when Rueban called me to make sure I was ready for our date tonight. I'm reading Tatooine Ghost so I was a bit reluctant to put it down, but I manged to. Barely. So yeah...Rueban took me to Red Lobster...and it was so good. Fried crab strips are...really good. REALLY good. *slurp!* Although...I couldn't eat the whole platter, so I got a boc..left it in Rueban's fridge. Merf. He'll bring it over soon enough. 'cause I want my leftovers, dammit! ..So yeah, then we went to his room for a bit, listened to music, and I managed to tell him that I didn't want a relationship. He took it well. I didn't have to use a weapon. (:

Then we went to work. He also got a job at Juanita K., but I didn't hang around him much, 'cause I just went to the lightbooth and second catwalk. No grid for me *twitch* Climbing up to 95 feet using a spiral staircase is NOT my idea of fun. And I knew everything they talked about, but hey...it was 1.5 hours that I got paid for. Beside, I got to gossip with Cindy and Carrie a bit. And Corinne got a job there too, but what makes things funny is that during her interview, brian didn't even ask her questions. He knew she was my roommate, and just told her what the job entailed and asked her if she wanted it..then proveeded to spend the rest of the interview talking about me and how I was in his 'core group'. Hmmm..t'would be nice if he said that to me once in a while, not her. Hmph. So that made everything else a bit better.

Anyway...that's just the good stuff, and I'm not even going into what made my evening tolerable...because that's a bit too personal. ^_~

So the bad. I don't really want to go into that...but eh..IM me if you really wanna know. Just know it's bad enough to turn the above into a bad day. *sigh*
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Wow...I'm listening to a cd right now that I haven't listened to in...ages. About three years, actually. It's just very soft and whutnot, which isn't my cup o' tea. Oddly enough though, today it just kinda...fits.

Anyway, this has been week from hell. Again. I completely bombed my speech, then the Cubbies lost...and Thursday I had a pysch test (But I got a 94..whoo hoo!)..and Friday I had an algebra test, which I am quite sure I completely bombed. I just..can't do math. -_-; ...And I have to talk to my advisor soon, which will utterly suck, because I have no clue how to pronouce his name. >.> Blah.

At least Friday's anime club was frickin awesome. We watched more Excel Saga, then .hack...and OMG!!! *shivers* Frickin AWESOME episode. I can't wait until Monday to watch more. ..And after the acutal meeting, we all played with my toy lightsabre and ran around the room, jumping on desks, and about three different guys told me I looked cute...and I was happy.

.....And work yesterday *shudders* I LOVE my job, but it is soo exhuasting. 9+ hour day. -_- ...First I had to sit through the symphony rehearsal, which was nice...and then listen to it all again when I worked the show....and that wasn't that bad. Gee..hit a button every twenty minutes...but after that, we had to completely take everything down and put other things up...I didn't get home until almost 1 am. 'least Eric drove me back to the dorm, because I did NOT relish the idea of walking home at 1 am on a Saturday night. Bah. I am completely bruised up though. Even my palsm are bruised. I pinched one in a chair, and I'm not sure what I did to the other one.

Anyway...now to finish cleaning up the room.

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