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Well, the rain appears to be calming down, as is the storm, so it's back to the track I go. Tonight's goal: 1.5 miles, since it's been a week since I've gone. Stupid work.

I also retagged all of my icons. Now I can find the ones I want, whoo!
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I've had a productive day so far. The bedroom is completely clean aside from vacuuming, and the living room is getting there. The hardest part is going to be all of the garbage bags out and to the dumpster. Other than that, it's really not bad...if we don't count my desk.

And the couch, which has a lot of clothes on it. ...Oops?

In other news, Katana is going to the vet on Tuesday. She managed to sneak out past Luke last week and hid in the bushes for a good 45 minutes while we were out there looking silly with cat toys, trying to coach her out. Silly kitteh. Hard to believe she's about three years old now. Even weirder is that Reno is five.

Now...to get the garbage out before Luke gets home in twenty minutes. He didn't sleep at ALL last night and will be so tired. :( Poor boy. Insomnia sucks.

Tonight I plan on hitting the track again...or going to dinner with an old friend.
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Tonight starts the first night of my new goal. Walk/Run at least a mile at least three times a week. I have some friends to do this with...Time to get this damn extra weight off. :D


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