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What do the LOTR men think of you? by ladyearwentari
Name (LJ or Real)
Viggo said yourcool
Orlando says the sex waswicked
Elijah imaginedyou naked
Sean B could notwait to get away from you
Karl freaked out whenyou tied up the cast members
Dom thinks you lookscary
Billy noticedthat you're hella short
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Alrighty...I've needed to write up a new entry for a while. Just..never got around to it. This is the first night that I've managed to be free for a week..and even still, I'm not entirely free. Anyway..Sunday was, as expected, completely hellish. I woke up, showered, and as I'm getting dressed, I discover that the zipper on my work pants broke...like..beyond repair. One of the little metal things in the zipper broke..so I had to wear my wrinkly dress pants because I had no other suitable black pants. Meh. And then I mixed 27 and 29's slippers...but then got a 40 dollar tip and got to leave early..had a nice break, but then we had to get things ready for Tosca..which took forever. Although..I did get a frickin awesome compliment Bridget, the wardrobe lady, told me that after working the wardrobe set I did, that I could work just about any Broadway show. Yeah. I was pretty happy about that.

And then I was stupid enough to volunteer to work Monday. Buncha sexist Russians thinking I couldn't carry stuff. Hmph. T'was a fun load-in though. Cindy and I made fun of the silly Russians...and then class, blah. And then right after Spanish, I raced back to the Hall adn watched Tosca.

Wow. I had never been to the opera before...and I want to go many more times. I was...floored. The typical story..woman loves man, man loves woman, man harbors criminal, is caught, woman is told she can save him by having sex with the bad guy, woman kills bad guy, man is killed, woman kills self...but still..insanely awesome. And the load-out was relatively easy.

I had a few more things I wanted to say, but I'm too tired. I'll update sometime in the morning.
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Yes. Katy drank tonight. I had half a beer and a bottle of hard lemonade. Certainly nothing buzzworthy..at least not for me...yet there were several there who were almost drunk with far less than what I had. Suppose I have my Scots-Irish heritage to thank for that. I mean..right now I'm not typing well, but that can easily be attributed to exhaustion...I mean..I worked the show, had a few minor screwups, but that was just because they switched people around on me.

Anyway..yeah. I am exhausted and I decided that I'm going to fail my pysch test Monday. I missed 3 classes in the last two weeks, and yea...I'm screwed. Sigh. Otherwise though, I'm in a really good mood. Plus I'm going to dinner with Darin between tomorrow's shows (Just to the dining hall. Don't be thinking anything...although I had to go through that when I had to walk his drunk ass back to his building. He had five hard lemonades and 4 or 5 beers...er..back on topic)...so yeah. It was fun. I'm not much of a drinker..but I do love hard lemonade.

I am regretting drinking on an empty stomache though. Even that little bit was enough to make it mildy hurt...nothing major though. I'll have a brownie and be fine.

Meh. I'm going to eat a brownie, drink a glass of water...and sleep. Tomorrow's going to be rough. Show

Edit: I swear, I am not even buzzed! I looked at this and realized I didn't finish a sentence and went. "ooooh dear" ...so the end of that should be

"Meh. I'm going to eat a brownie, drink a glass of water...and sleep. Tomorrow's going to be rough. Show tomorrow at 2 and 8"
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This is by far the most stressful week of my life. The shows are going well, but they're still insanely stressful, especially since I'm pretty much on my own now. No cranky wardrobe coordinator around..except when I screw up. (: Grr. I almost wish I had the entire cast to do myself, (though that's completley impossible) because then I wouldn't also be held repsonsible for other mistakes people make. See..there are six ladies on the wardrobe crew (plus the coordinator), and four of us are college students...and of the students, I'm the most experienced. The other two are older ladies who- because they've done work on big shows before, can automatically do no wrong. So while I myself have certainly messed up a few times, I did get chewed out for them a few times. Still..nothing major. Nothing has brought me to tears yet. :)

And now...to study for my CIS midterm. Blah. And after that..I can relax for a few hours, then back to work, then home to sleep, then up at noon (Hooraaaaaay for sleeping in!!) and to psych...then I have to do laundry..and go to the anime club for a half hour (Just to let everyone know I'm alive, 'cause I wasn't there last week) and then to work again...and then I have a 12:30 call Saturday and will be working almost nonstop until 11ish..and then church Sunday..then another 12:30 call, then load-out...then home to do some massive studying for my psych test...then my pysch test monday at 1...then Ethics, then Spanish, then Bible study, then writing my Anthro paper...

I'm not going to get a break until Wednesday night. -_-
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...I never want to see another iron as long as I live.

I've been doing nothing but ironiing costumes since 9 this morning..well..I had an hour break and went with the Miss Saigon wardrobe director to Panera Bread...but still..ergh. -_- My feet are killing me. Plus I have an onstage costume change I need to help with. *scared* I don't want to screw that one up. I'd just die. And I need to get in a shower and study time before 6, so I'm shutting up now.


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