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The Salem Witch Trial of 2012

So, the library in my town is being sued.

And I'm so angry, I'm seeing red.

For most of my childhood, the library in my town was a safe place.  I spent nearly all of my summers there, reading in the cool shelves, away from my house, that in many ways, though full of love, was still somewhat toxic.  I not only read every single Nancy Drew book there, but I also read many of the classics-- Jules Verne, Mark Twain, and also spent more hours than I can possibly count reading from The Red Fairy Book and Grimm's Fairy Tales.

In many ways, the Salem Public Library shaped who I am today.  My love of reading was encouraged (even though I had a problem with getting books back on time... we won't talk about some of my fines, though they were ALWAYS paid) and I discovered worlds that I probably wouldn't have, had I been stuck at home.

When I moved back to Salem after my father passed away, the librarians still remembered who I was.  When I moved back to Salem again, after college, the librarians still remembered me.

So seeing what is happening feels like a punch to the gut.  Though there's no rational reason for it, I feel betrayed.

Researching other religions is NOT criminal activity.  Yes, you could make the argument that stupid teenagers might look it up and use it as an excuse to go do stupid teenage stuff. I get that.  And someone on my facebook friends list is calling this "the government taking away the rights of the town to make their own decisions." But you know what?

This is WRONG.  We live in a nation where we have certain liberties.  Included are freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  When are these liberties removed?  When they infringe upon someone else's speech and religion.  Someone looking up Native American Spirituality is NOT infringing on someone else's right to their own speech or their own religion.  Looking up paganism is NOT infringing on someone else's right to their own speech or their own religion.

Tomorrow morning I am going to cancel my library card.  There's nothing I can do about supporting it via my tax dollars, but at least I can let them know they have lost my patronage.
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Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart

Psalms 37:4

Wow. I have more to think about from just one morning than I do from the last few days. Well...not entirely true, but close enough. Anyway...this morning when my alarm buzzed at 8:30 I was like "eh...crap." I soo did not want to get up. I even skipped a shower (I took one yesterday afternoon, so it's not like I stunk or something :) ) in order to sleep a ha;f hour later..and still dragged myself up and out of bed. Then Jenny was a little late, but t'was all right. So we drove to church and got there about 3 minutes late...but so did the rest of our little group of college girls. So we slipped in after prayer, had praise and worship (Which was awesome. I would love to just have a Sunday where we did nothing but sing) and then Brad started preaching.

The premise of the sermon was how we were planned for God's pleasure. Our bulletin's had this in it-

The moment you were born into the world, God was there an an unseen witness, smiling at you birth. He wanted you alive and your arrival gave him great pleasure. Bringing enjotment to God, living for his pleasures if the first purpose of your life. You are a child of God, and you bring pleasure to God like nothing else he was ever created. Anything you do that brings pleasure to God is an act of worship. Worship if multifaceted and is not a part of your life- it is your life. We are told to "worship him continually" and to "praise him from sunrise to sunset"

No. This doesn't mean that every waking moment we are to say "Yay God!" It means that when we're doing what we do, it should be pleasing to God. ...And no, we're not going to be able to do that all the time, we are only human and far from perfect...but let me continue.

What brings pleasure to God? Using our talents, the talents that he has given us. My talent is writing. So every time I write, I am worshipping. Kinda makes me wonder why I don't more often...but I think this could be my motivation. I mean..I'm not exactly a model Christian..not by any means, but I do have a desire to draw closer...but the "normal" stuff like Bible reading and whutnot..just doesn't interest me. So when I write...I am using my ability to delight God.

What really made this hit home was as Brad was preaching, he was talking about talents and how everything can be used to glorify God..and he goes on a thing where he says "If you're an accountant, do it for God, if you're a farmer, you're worshiping"...and when he said "If you can write- do it"...he was looking right at me (And since I've only been going there for a few Sundays, he doesn't even know me, heh)...and I was like "whoaaaaaaaa."

So yeah. I have two main talents. Writing and the ability to empathize with people. And together..they could be a rather frightening combination. ^_~

And there was something else almost completely unrelated that Brad went into during the sermon.

God allows trouble in life to work on our character- because we take out character with us to Heaven- not our comfort.

We've all heard the "It'll build character" speel, often from parents...but when I look at it in that light, it makes a lot more sense. still royally sucks..but at least makes sense.

And now for song spammage.

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