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Say it with me, kids!


(Which is a damn good thing, because I'd hate to actually have tentacles)

Seriously though. I have roleplayed a character who killed six of her classmates, and is now organizing terrorist groups against her home country. I've played another few who killed two or so, and I have played characters who killed for money. I have also played whores. ...And yes, I have also played tentacle monsters that I still can't stop laughing over.

Am I going to go and shoot up a school? Of course not. The thought of actually killing anyone disgusts me. Am I going to go out and walk the streets? Hell no!

I am a writer, a roleplayer, a gamer.

I am not a murderer, a whore, or deranged.

I am just a normal person.

This rant brought to you by my insane irritation at being told what I do will damage my braincells. Or, more accurately, watching someone be told they shouldn't escort on SL because that will damage their real lives.

AHEM. In other news..I had a cool dream last night. Although, why am I a total Mary Sue in most of them? I don't mean to be, I swear. Anyway...my town was overrun by evil mutants (And not evil!sexy, like some of the Brotherhood, but Evil!Evil) with weird appendages and colors. The main one looked like whattheirfucks, from Oblivion. And they were trying to kill everyone.

And of course, I discovered telepathic powers, yadda, yadda yadda. Unfortunately, before the big showdown between myself and the main dude, my alarm went off. Oh well, there's something fun to think about while at work today.
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Ok..time to go into a rant that I very often go into, and that's my desire to have a 'knight in shining armor' Ok, I know that there is no way in hell I will ever find some guy that's romantic, but that doesn't keep me from wishing. I just want someone to really want to..say..take me out on candelight dinner, or a walk in the park, or even just sit silently and watch a movie..a chick flick, thank you..^_^

And when I see things where a guy is totally romantic, I get even more depressed about it. For example, I beat Final Fantasy 9 Tuesday, and the ending..well, it almost made me cry. When Zidane comes back to *spoilers* Alexandria, and acts in the play, and so very romantically announces that he is alive, I was like..'whoa...not fair! Why can't I have someone who will do things like that?"

Which brings me to another semi-rant. How serious IS the relationship I'm currently in? I don't want to ask, because I'm scared of either answer. I mean..I'm almost 18, only two months away, so I'm naturally thinking of my future, but he's only 16, with a whole lot more time to find someone else.

On one hand, I want this to be at least semi-serious, where we talk about our future...but I don't know if I'm ready for anything like that, so I don't think he is.

And on the other hand, I'm scared of it being just a 'fling' because I really don't want my heart broken...it took too long for me to actually love someone for it all to get flushed down the toilet.

So there's my dilemna. It would all be wonderful if I could just like...marry Zidane or something...find someone romantic...but alas...all the damned romantic people are damned fictional characters.

Oh well. I suppose it could be worse.
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Sometimes things just don't work out. We gotta live with it. But has anyone else just wanted to give up, to just let the world take over? Of course. Everyone goes through a point in time when they want to quit fighting. Some really do stop. Then they cease to be

Yes, you heard me, cease to be. They might still be alive, but they have no life, no spirit. And when loved one see this person giving up, they give up too. It's one of those "He did it, so I can too". This is not the mindset we need to be in.

Yes, I'm rambling, but I don't really care. Back on subject. Ok...so we have these people who give up, causing others to follow. What can we do about this?

Nothing. No, I am not trying to be pessimistic here, but it's the truth. We can't do anything to stop people from giving up. We can, however, offer our strength as an example.

So that's my thought for right now. Be an example, a good example. We'll have a lot less fallen people in our world then.
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Ok. Now it's time for my semi-poetic rant against society and such in general.

Has anyone noticed that no matter what anyone thinks..no matter how outlandish thier opinion, they are ALWAYS right? Well, according to them. I mean, a person can think that the holocaust never happened..and they believe it. It's right to them. If someone tries to talk sense into them, then they just go off and won't shut up. It's annoying as hell.

And then when you actually have a decent argument against 'em, they just like...tell you off. I have run into only ONE person so far in 17 and a half years who is willing to listen to an opinion without arguing.

It was the other night on the way home. Before the infamous game of truth or dare, the topic was on religion. Bobbie is one of my good friends, and he's a pagan. I'm like...ok, sure...I'll respect ya, I'll respect your right to that religion...and we kept it at that.

As bad as it is, I get to the point where I can't stand fellow Christians. It's because so many of them are just...like...too zealous. And they scare people away. Which was what had happened with so many of my non Christian friends.

So anyway..back on the story, Bobbie takes me aside a few minutes later, asks "If God is so loving, why does he let people go to Hell?"...I half freak out. I wasn't quite sure how to answer it, honestly. So I started praying, and a few moments later I get the answer.

This goes out to all of you who have wondered this. Ok, God doesn't WANT you to go to Hell. But he gave us a free will. We have a choice.

And Bobbie was like "Whoa..that's the most intelligent responce I have ever heard"

So for once, someone listened to me. Which made me kinda happy. But any other time, it just doesn't work. LIke take for example yesterday in PE. We're playing 'pillo polo"..it's a mix between hockey and polo. Fun, but violent. So anyway...when we're in a catfight over the ball, my stick hits April on the hand. It happens. I didn't do it on purpose...I can be a bitch, but not like that. So anyways..she starts accusing me of high sticking and crap...I was like...ugh...She didn't seem to get it through her head that if *I* was high sticking..hit her hand, then she had to have been too. *grumbles* I hate people.

One more rant, then I'll shut up. Why can't I have a knight in shining armor?


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