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Bullet list, because I can't be bothered.

1: Dave, my stepdad, is going back into the hospital today.  This is after being in ours for a few days and then hurriedly transported to St. Louis for another few days, because he was doing so poorly, last month. I am not pleased.

2: After the stress of last month, Luke and I decided to go to a Cardinals game today. That should be fun, and help get our minds off everything. ...this is, of course, after stopping by to check on Dave before we head to St. Louis.

3: Month and a half until the Nightwish concert! For my birthday present, Luke bought the VIP tickets, so we're going to get to meet everyone!  Marco, Tuomas, Anette... I'm already dreaming about it.

4: As far as gaming goes, still playing SWTOR, don't want to hear "lol it sucks and going F2P." I'm still keeping my sub because I genuinely enjoy it. However, I am trying out Rift (So far not too impressed, but we'll see what happens when I get past the first little area).

5. I still have the cutest cats in the world. Hands down.
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My birthday wasn't too bad. Nothing spectacular, but nothing bad either. So now Luke and I are watching The Godfather and eating pizza.

However, I did get the BEST birthday present EVER. I have poor teeth-- a genetic thing, not related to neglect, and my sisters gift is getting them fixed. When I walk down the aisle in seven months (holy crap!) I'll be able to smile.
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Oh man. Thursday in Springfield was AMAZING. Simply awesome beyond words. Luke, Justin, and I actually left early, and made really good time...even through torrential rain and stupid semi's in Licking. We stopped in Mansfield to go to the Laura Ingalls Wilder house and museum, which was insanely awesome, and then met up with my old housemate Pat at the mall.

I also spent the most money I have ever spent at a time on articles of clothing, but I think it was worth it...and I got to tease Luke for not going with me into Victoria's Secret.

Best part? We saw a dude with a license plate reading "Ordr 66" and the entire car erupted in cries of "ZOMG SOOO FRIGGIN'COOOOL!!111oneone!!111."

Stopping at the Asian market was really fun too...never will we be able to look at certain Japanese drinks the same way again.

It's REALLY good to be friends with Justin again, even after all that bullshit two years ago, and he and Luke are getting along well.

...My EMT class starts on Tuesday. I'm nervous. ._.
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Tomorrow I shall post pictures of my new car... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

But now I -really- need a shower and a nap, as I work tonight and have been up since way too early to be working a nightshift. Buuuut...tomorrow is really going to be busier. I have to pick up the car, go to the court house, then go to the license bureau, then clean out the jeep to give back to Patrick, and then go back to work for another 12 hour nightshift.

Busy, busy, busy.



I will be in town on Thursday if anyone wants to hang out.
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There is something really nice about seeing a friend for the first time in months, and the first words out of her mouth are "Oh my God, Katy, you've lost weight!" :D

Today I went to a Town Hall meeting for candidate Tommy Sowers, who is running for representative in my district, going against an incumbent who has been in for 14 years. I liked the guy. A politician, regardless of his insistence on being just a school teacher running for office, but still quite likable and his fundamental beliefs are sound.

...Plus he had the balls to say "No, I don't think Creationism should be taught in schools" in my town. That takes some serious guts.

And now the rest of my day shall be taken up by helping my brother move.
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So. I think Steve is a girl kitten. ...Well, considering it's mommies name was Clyde, it fits. Shifty-eyes.

Faith of the Fallen is boring me to death...but I head that the next ones are better. I certainly hope so. Pussy!Richard is annoying.

I really need to go do laundry tonight and borrow KotOR II from Patrick tonight...but I wanna be lazy. =\
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Fireworks last night were pretty cool. So was the parade, if one doesn't count all of the political "floats" that permeated the entire thing. I hate election years. Sure, candy is awesome (I have a purse-full, thanks to sitting almost by ourselves) but I want to be entertained, not have all of the stupid Republicans shoving their fliers down my throat.

Oops. Just let my political affiliation out of the bag. I shoulda worn one of my Obama shirts so they would leave me alone.

Other than that though, pretty cool. Except when one of the horses decided he didn't like the whole parade thing anymore and nearly took himself and several other horses and riders down right in front of us. His rider was skilled enough to rein him back in, but it was kinda scary.

All in all, a decent Fourth. Well, technically Third, but Salem celebrated it last night instead of having it on a Sunday.

Plus? My parents got home last night from vacation and saw what we kids had done to their house. New deck, new bathroom floor, new bathroom cabinets, new toilet, and a completely clean living room and kitchen. Yeah, Mom was happy. :D

...and Katana likes sleeping next to Luke's new guitar.


Jul. 3rd, 2010 02:42 pm
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I had an interesting night last night. Went to dinner with Luke and...Justin.

Then Justin and I hung out for hours, just catching up on the last two years worth of random stuff. I discovered that ACROSS is messed up now...it might be time for a founding member to return and set things right, shifty-eyes, and it was good to just hang out again, despite the major fight we had that tore us apart for years.

In other news...

The settlement from the car accident? Where I thought we would just get reimbursed for things we paid out of pocket, such as my glasses and prescriptions?

Ooooh no.

Since my clavicle was broken and my left index finger is still almost unusable, I get what is essentially "pain and suffering" reimbursement. To the tune of enough money to get me a good used car, with enough left over to put a decent amount into savings...and to get a new monitor. When I was on the phone with the insurance guy, he was all "I'm sorry if this isn't enough, or what you were expecting" and I just had my mouth hanging open when he told me the amount. As I said, I was expecting maybe a couple hundred at the MOST as reimbursement for what we paid.

So yeah, all in all, yesterday was awesome. Luke got an electric guitar and is already doing pretty awesome. I strummed a few chords and lamented the fact that my finger is still wonky, not to mention they're too short to play a full sized guitar easily.
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It's really warm.

But my bathroom floor is about to be fixed, whooo!
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I've had a productive day so far. The bedroom is completely clean aside from vacuuming, and the living room is getting there. The hardest part is going to be all of the garbage bags out and to the dumpster. Other than that, it's really not bad...if we don't count my desk.

And the couch, which has a lot of clothes on it. ...Oops?

In other news, Katana is going to the vet on Tuesday. She managed to sneak out past Luke last week and hid in the bushes for a good 45 minutes while we were out there looking silly with cat toys, trying to coach her out. Silly kitteh. Hard to believe she's about three years old now. Even weirder is that Reno is five.

Now...to get the garbage out before Luke gets home in twenty minutes. He didn't sleep at ALL last night and will be so tired. :( Poor boy. Insomnia sucks.

Tonight I plan on hitting the track again...or going to dinner with an old friend.
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Tonight starts the first night of my new goal. Walk/Run at least a mile at least three times a week. I have some friends to do this with...Time to get this damn extra weight off. :D
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I think I would like Twilight if it weren't for the main characters. Dunno though. Alice was cool, especially at the end when she went KERPOP on that guy. Yeah. Vague spoiler. I don't care.

I'm sick. Spent the entire weekend in bed. Or...well...more accurately on my parents couch. Thankfully I only have to work five hours tomorrow. I should be able to pull it off. Tuesday may be another story, but I'll dope myself up on nyquil tonight, dayquil tomorrow and be done with it.
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I have to clean my house this weekend. The light in my kitchen went out-- and changing the lightbulb doesn't fix it. So I have to call the landlord. Joy. Oh well. It's really not as bad as it looks, it's just a matter of not being lazy.

That's definitely the hard part.

Anyway, as soon as the stream stops being a whore, then I'm going to be DJing, as I mentioned in my previous post. I'll update more with that as it happens.

Junon had it's pre-opening today. It'll be...interesting, I believe.

OH! New layout. Sai and Kenji, with Within Temptation lyrics.
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Update on the medication )

Now...to pay my cable bill and get my kitties more canned cat food so they stop meowing in my face. xD

Oh. Sai wins points for saying no last night. ...Or well, not saying yes. *eyes her icon* DID YOU EVER SAY NO, DAMRY!? DID YOU!?
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I just worked three twelve hour shifts in a row. And today I was quite ill for all of it.

*falls over*

Sinus issues for the looooooooooooose. ;_;

On the plus side, I ran into my doctor on the way out the door and he was all "Call me in the morning if you need antibiotics!"

I may.

In non-bitchy news...

I believe I've managed to deal with the cat issue. >:]
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Note to self. Next time when making a voice post, don't use the speakerphone.

I'm absolutely exhausted. Myself and four friends went swimming this evening, and I can tell that it's been a while since I've done such things. Hence the reason I think I'm going to grab a book and fall asleep reading.
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Two weeks until vacation, fuu~

Tonight was good. Housemates one and two and I went out to my parents church to mow the lawn and such, and it was nice to be out and actually doing something for once. Especially when that something is doing something outside. That's part of why I can't wait for vacation, a weekend of camping will be good.

Anyway, I must take a quick trip to Wal-Mart for shampoo and conditioner.
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Whoa. I just found actual RP in Second Life. That's....wow.

So, I watched the Goonies tonight. One of my all time favorite movies, and it's been several years now since I last watched it. I had forgotten how purely awesome it is. However, I did have a weird moment. I picked up one of Patrick's friends and brought him back to my parents house and on the way I saw weird lights flashing in the sky. Like airplanes, but not.

Hehe. Now I'm going to delude myself into thinking it was a UFO.


I was reading the wiki on everyone's favorite attorney and discovered something awesome. You can create a Jack Thompson look-a-like in MK: Armageddon.

Finally! A reason to give that game a second chance!
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Justin looks funny.

Not anymore, he got up to watch me peruse Encyclopedia Dramatica.

In other news, I hit my first animal yesterday. It was sad. Some stupid squirrel was running all over the road and some asshole was riding my ass so I couldn't slow down. And...splat.

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The paper I was stressing like crazy over? It's not due until next week. Which is...really good. Really, really good.

We bought the Christmas tree and such tonight, we're going to put it up tomorrow. I'm really exciting about it, actually. This will be the first time I've ever had my own Christmas tree. I know it seems like something really silly to be excited about, but I am. It's got clear lights, and it'll have red garland and gold ornaments.

And the Steve Irwin action figure will be the angel.

Yes. We're all going to hell. In a handbasket, at that. :)

EDIT: You know, the music at the Blue Note is quite soothing. I think I have a new place to hangout, aside from Hentai High! (Although, that furry club Wolven took me to was awesome, even if I was a bit out of place. ^_^)


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