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Pirate costume is officially finished!

I finished cutting the bandanda tonight, and it's finally done..aside from looking for fun jewelry for it.

Also, you may have noticed that I said nothing about last night win. Now that I had my "YAY!" moment, I must return to my normal animosity toward the White Sox. GO CUBBIES!

And finally, a random quiz thing.

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Hey [livejournal.com profile] perpet: Are you still up for a midnight (Or tenish) run to Ihop (or someplace similar) tomorrow night? I'm leaving town tomorrow at 1:30, so leave a message...or simply just wait for me to call a little after I'm assuming you'll be off work. (5:30ish?)
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A few lessons have been learned this week. First of all, don't wear an ankle length coat in mid-calf deep snow. Secondly, don't bother practicing for a speech because they students will give you excellent peer reviews anyway. Third- only the pretty sorority girls will get to finals in a public speaking event. :)

This has been a boring week, but merf. It went by pretty fast. Slept through Spanish Monday morning, but then everything kinda..zipped by. I had the Public Speaking Showcase on Tuesday and snickered as some of the most boring speeches won...then had Speech last night, gave my speech on video game violence..and apparently did much better than expected. So..yeah. today was my last class of the semester, got chewed out for having loans..O.o Sometimes I wonder if it'd be smarter to go to a cheaper community college. Might make life a lot better. Maybe. So yeah.

Oh, yeah. Let's not forget Tuesday night. About 12:15, after I got off the phone with Max, Corinne and I went out and played in the snow. First snowball of the year!! t'was fun, and it's nice that Corinne and I are getting along. Dare I say we're almost friends? Almost...but not quite. Well..we've actually been talking though, so it's a plus. And...we made a mini-snowman, and he's still in the freezer. We named him Harry Potter, 'cause Corinne tried to put cheerios on him as eyes. T'was funny.

And yeah...short post, but merf.

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Oh ho!  Reno!
I'm Reno. Go me.

...CK gets all kudos for getting me the Kim Possible theme song. And I still have a lot to write about but I'm still too lazy.


Nov. 12th, 2003 01:18 am
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...you'll have to highlight it to read his posts. I'm so frickin close to quitting SWFL right now. And TE...SWFL because of that shit, TE because all it is is frickin Damaria in another place. There was a reason I never got into Damaria, dammit. But now the whole thing is just...meh. Everything once again revolves around her. *sigh*

...and once again, I didn't get my spanish homework done. I'm too stressed to care.

and here's where I go "Duuh.."

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What Anime Bad Girl Are You?

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Meeeeerf. It's really weird when a sixth grader comes up to you and says they have a crush on the guy YOU had a crush on in fifth grade. Of course, he's in a local band..but still..that was weird.

Anyway, I'm home from my weekend home. Hooooray for being able to work on the site!

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Wow...I'm listening to a cd right now that I haven't listened to in...ages. About three years, actually. It's just very soft and whutnot, which isn't my cup o' tea. Oddly enough though, today it just kinda...fits.

Anyway, this has been week from hell. Again. I completely bombed my speech, then the Cubbies lost...and Thursday I had a pysch test (But I got a 94..whoo hoo!)..and Friday I had an algebra test, which I am quite sure I completely bombed. I just..can't do math. -_-; ...And I have to talk to my advisor soon, which will utterly suck, because I have no clue how to pronouce his name. >.> Blah.

At least Friday's anime club was frickin awesome. We watched more Excel Saga, then .hack...and OMG!!! *shivers* Frickin AWESOME episode. I can't wait until Monday to watch more. ..And after the acutal meeting, we all played with my toy lightsabre and ran around the room, jumping on desks, and about three different guys told me I looked cute...and I was happy.

.....And work yesterday *shudders* I LOVE my job, but it is soo exhuasting. 9+ hour day. -_- ...First I had to sit through the symphony rehearsal, which was nice...and then listen to it all again when I worked the show....and that wasn't that bad. Gee..hit a button every twenty minutes...but after that, we had to completely take everything down and put other things up...I didn't get home until almost 1 am. 'least Eric drove me back to the dorm, because I did NOT relish the idea of walking home at 1 am on a Saturday night. Bah. I am completely bruised up though. Even my palsm are bruised. I pinched one in a chair, and I'm not sure what I did to the other one.

Anyway...now to finish cleaning up the room.

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I love Sephy. And that's all I have to say right now. Too tired. >.>


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