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So. I think Steve is a girl kitten. ...Well, considering it's mommies name was Clyde, it fits. Shifty-eyes.

Faith of the Fallen is boring me to death...but I head that the next ones are better. I certainly hope so. Pussy!Richard is annoying.

I really need to go do laundry tonight and borrow KotOR II from Patrick tonight...but I wanna be lazy. =\
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I have a whole new respect for AMV makers and fanvidders. I made my first one, for [livejournal.com profile] legendland and ...well... I don't see myself doing anymore. Finding the video clips...editing them..and then making the music work right? No thank you. I'll share the video after I'm allowed per the LL rules, but it's nothing special. At all.

Steve is getting along great with the other two now. And by great, I mean Katana is only hissing every so often and Reno usually just gets up and walks away. It's awesome to have a kitten in the house though...aside, of course, from the trying to eat wires thing.


Jul. 4th, 2010 11:16 pm
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New kitten! Steve came home to live with us today. Katana and Reno are still very much getting used to him, but they'll do okay.

Pictures soon to come.
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I took Katana to the vet today to get spayed. She's so out of it right now and I just wanna hug her! So floppy and tired from the anesthesia, and she looks miserable. She's currently curled up at my feet.

Tonight I have to do some major cleaning...even vacuum. Ick. The landlords are coming over tomorrow to fix the floor in the bathroom, so I need the place to look pretty. It's not really bad right now, but it needs to look better.

I also meant to finish my fanmixes today, but I think they'll wait until after work tomorrow.
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I've had a productive day so far. The bedroom is completely clean aside from vacuuming, and the living room is getting there. The hardest part is going to be all of the garbage bags out and to the dumpster. Other than that, it's really not bad...if we don't count my desk.

And the couch, which has a lot of clothes on it. ...Oops?

In other news, Katana is going to the vet on Tuesday. She managed to sneak out past Luke last week and hid in the bushes for a good 45 minutes while we were out there looking silly with cat toys, trying to coach her out. Silly kitteh. Hard to believe she's about three years old now. Even weirder is that Reno is five.

Now...to get the garbage out before Luke gets home in twenty minutes. He didn't sleep at ALL last night and will be so tired. :( Poor boy. Insomnia sucks.

Tonight I plan on hitting the track again...or going to dinner with an old friend.
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...So if my mom calls my cats her grandcats, what do I call her cat's kittens?

Regardless...Clyde had kittens last night. :D

Pictures under the cut!

You lookin' at me!? )
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Cat picture spam!

Don't worry, I'll cut this. xD

Reno and Katana! )

Leaving for the weekend in Chicago in a few hours. fuuu.


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