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Excerpt from my novel. I hit over 20k tonight.

Storytellers can be really fun. )

Oh, editing this is going to be a pain in the ass.
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Day one.

Over 10k.

Holy. Crap.

I think I'm going to pull this off.
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Gonna try to do NaNoWriMo again this year... a few other people from my town are going to do it, so I will have some support. I think I can really do it this year, as I can write on the go with my laptop now... that was the big thing with previous years, I was stuck on my home PC with no portability.

My novel is called The Greylands...and here is the synopsis. ...Yeah, yeah. Fantasy as usual.

The son of a god and a demon has awoken with a plan to kill the gods and take the nations of the world as his own. In Akransolo, five adventurers travel to the Barvincian continent to ally themselves with the Nightwalkers and save not only their gods and religion, but also their entire way of life.

I have the world built, just have to do some mapmaking and character fleshing-out, and I'll be ready to go this November 1st. ...Don't worry, I won't post every day with my word count, but I will likely do a weekly one.
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So my internet came back on around midnight, but I was too busy watching Myth Busters to care. :)

I did manage to get a Takako flashback written in class last night. That is seriously the easiest class ever to do other things in. Other than twenty minutes of lecturing, there's nothing to pay attention to. Creative Advertising is such a great class. ^_^

Although, I wanted to smack a girl last night. We had to make a quick mockup of an add to sell jeans to people 50+. While most people blatantly broke one of the first rules we learned, that being "Don't make fun of your target audience," and did their whole thing on "Suspenders and elastic waists so you can pull your jeans super high"...I suggested a simple classy add. "Classic. Comfortable. Strong.....You." and I got "I HATE IT BECAUSE IT'S NOT FUNNY."

I wasn't aware all advertising had to be funny.

If she expressed dislike in a nicer way than screaming "I HATE IT" then I wouldn't be irate. But seriously...that's just rude.

On a completely different note, I have narrowed down this years NaNo ideas to two. Either try my hand at fantasy one more time, or use that "Small Town" idea I had a few weeks ago. I have until November to decide though.

I also need an idea for a Halloween costume. GIVE ME IDEAS!

(And feel free to give me a theme idea for my new layout)
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NaNoWriMo Day 1
Word Count 1703/50,000

Prologue )

Since I have to get something around 1600 a day, I have no guilt about watching Episode III tonight. :)
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This could be a good sign.

I woke up at 9 this morning, completely refreshed and ready to go. And this is someone who often sleeps until noon. :) So...after I post this entry, wordpad gets opened up and NaNoWriMo begins.

Also, I've decided that I could never be a spy. Last night as I was handing candy out at [livejournal.com profile] phoenix_js's house, a guy with his young family came over...and he left, then came back saying "Are you Katy?" ..I'm all "...yeah.." He's like "Do you recognize me?" and I'm all "...No."

Turns out he recognized me after nearly seven years. I went to a youth group with him when I lived in Ellington.

Also, at the anime club Halloween party, a girl recognized me from my freshman year of high school in Branson.

So alas, I can't just fade into the background, I'm too rememberable. *tear*

Edit: Don't you just LOVE it when a parental unit has to take you down a notch? I go mention to my mother just now how excited I am about having a good start on the first day, and she immediatly says "You'd better not let the housework go! NaNo had better not take over your life!"

Thanks mom. Love the support you're showing.

(And I STILL want to know how they kept the house clean when I was in school. Oh. Wait. They didn't.)


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