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I dropped algebra. I had to, I had a D in there and I have a scholarship I need to keep. Sigh. I'm still a full time student, but now only with 13 credit hours this semester. Oh well...it gives me time to get my speech grade up to a B...everything else is fine though, class-wise...blah..I do have an (easy) IDS test tomorrow and a Huuuuuuuuuge anthropology test Friday. Still..'tis nice not to have to worry about algebra anymore. In fact, that's where I'd be at the moment had I not dropped it.

Anyway...off to other news. Tonight I'm skipping half of speech because I am NOT missing RHPS tonight! I can't do a costume, but I am going all punkish..I can say I'm a transylvanian...although I don't recall any of them wearing torn up jeans and a mesh shirt. Oh well...t'will be awesome, 'cause my outfit is almost a costume. Although....I wonder what my speech professor will think when my hair is all punked out for my "professional" speech tonight. He just said we have to wear a dress. He never said our hair had to look pretty too. ^_~.

And...my costume is done! I finished cutting the pants down and I made arm guards for fantasy-esque Damry with the remnents. I hate sewing, but this was worth it. Beside, I got to shock my sister by saying I was sewing. Yesterday was her birthday (25 years old) so I had to call her.

Yesterday was also special for me personally. 2 years now, with Max. =D

....Enough rambling, I need to practice my speech for tonight...on...geekiness!!!!!

Oooh..I made a new wallpaper today. While I don't like FFX, I do like this- http://www.jade-angel.net/images/wallpaper/seymour_yuna.jpg
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Tonight was Prom...my senior prom. It was...just..whoa. Incredibly awesome. Everyone looked gorgeous, and the guys all looked so sexy in thier tuxes.

And the food was great (Kyoto's is an awesome place)...and Justin and I ditched Adam and Sylvia (finally) and my feet are killing me.

It's been...really awesome though. Reminds me of how much I love Max. :)
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...I just lost all of my images. Every image saved in "Katy Images" on my computer. Luckily I have the most important ones stored online...but...ugh. I lost my prom pictures, the pictures of my dog that was killed last year, and a bunch of pictures of my friends. Sigh. That really upsets me.

But...in other news...I'm going to be a student inductee into the Missouri Writers Hall of Fame. ^.^...and Tuesday I'll be in St. Louis on an advanced art trip, and Saturday (as in a week from tomorrow) is Prom. Wee! I'm going with Justin, which is cool, but sigh. Why must distance seperate me from the one I REALLY wanna go with?

Life is so unfair.

And....if anyone has Final Fantasy images they want to send me way...email me with them!
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To Max-

I am so sorry for doubting you. Once again the betrayal was all in my head.
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Ok, now I can write a little bit more about what the deal is. I can't really name names, but basically, last night, someone who I liked a lot admitted to my face that he liked me too, and I said the same. I was happy...for over a year, I liked this person, but until a few weeks ago, we didn't...we couldn't admit it.

Then everything happened. Through a friend, we indirectly admitted things....(Thanks Sis)...we kept flirting with each other...until last night. Then we actually said it....and kept flirting.

Then I get online after play practice. I check AIM first, and he's not on, so I turn on YIM...His friend is online, and within moments, delivers me a message from him. Basically, I have no way to contact him at all...he's grounded from everything.

Ok, Now I think everyone knows who it is I am talking about...but I'm still not naming names. And I am so going to shut up now.


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