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Okay. I think I've calmed down...last night was pretty bad, but meh. Understandably so. But things were discussed that needed to be discussed and I can go back to my normal slighty-psychotic self. (:

So yeah. Today's been pretty dull so far. Got up..emailed the lady I need to talk to about the psych lab assistant position...didn't go because I didn't know where her office was (But emailed her to tell her)...worked on my Anthro paper, talked to Kyle..went to psych...which was, oddly enough, really boring. But that's probably because I'm so tired. Haven't slept a lot in the last coupla days, but c'est la vie.

Although, I do have to kill Kyle. =D I can't look at my lotion anymore...or at least I have to get some that isn't blue. *mutters about smurfs* And Marie left a note on the door with her new phone number, so all is good.

Now...to hope they cancel classes today...it's getting insanely icey out there.
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So far today has been amusing. Still in a pretty shitty mood, but at least things around me are working to make me feel better.

Anyway, first I gotta start with dreams. I'm just going to go into two of 'em so I don't bore you all, and they're the most interesting,...and both have to do with a band. Anyway..dream number one.

I'm walking across campus just after school ends and am invited to a frat party...and against my better judgement (Hell..it's a dream. =P) I go..and inside there's a few people with passes to a Queens of the Stone Age concert. I don't get one, but as I'm leaving, some guy hands me his thingy. And I'm like "Ergh. I can't go by myself to a concert like that"..but then I notice that the pass is for two people. Hooray! So then I remember that it's around the time when Kyle's driving up here....and I'm like "hooray! I won't have to go by myself!" And I don't. We meet up at the concert and have fun. It was a pretty amusing dream, hehe. And amazingly enough, no bad guys, no natural disasters..just a dream that was somewhat...normal.

Then I had another dream. I was working the light booth at Juanita K., hanging out with Cindy and whatshernamethatIcanneverremember, but I don't know what show we're working, I was just called in (Which is weird, because I always know the shows, heh...and I would DEFINITELY know this one). So I'm doing spotlight and who should show up but Amy Lee? Apparently she wanted me to do backup vocals on Evanescene's new album. I woke up going "Sweeeeeeeet."

Later I got up, showered, wasted time online, and went to get my picture taken at Strong Hall because I made the Dean's list. I run itno Ross (aka Anime club Vice-president), and we talk for a while, walk partly home together, and on the way, he says I should become the club mascot because I looked so cute in my Jedi outfit. >.> And then we discussed how we're not doing anything in the club and how we should bring that up at the meeting tonight. We need to be more active around campus. So yeah..one of us is going to bring that up tonight.

And then I realize that I'm wearing my earmuffs and ankle length coat...and my shadow looks reaaaaaaaaaaally funny. With my earmuffs, the shadow looks like Princess Leia, and my coat makes it look like Darth Vader. Rather amusing, if I do say so myself.

Ooh. And being in a Star Wars mood after that, I go back to what Ross and I were talking about, and I think that if Rob doesn't act on our ideas, how funny it would be to say "I call for a vote of no-confidence in President Rob's leadership"

Okay. So I'm easily amused. But still depressed.
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Alrighty. Get ready for a fairly long winded post.

This halloween (Ha! No apostophe again, Adam!) was the best I've ever had. I thought nothing could really compare to last years, when Lissie, Elane, Nicole and I were the cat girls (Lissie was Mod Catgirl, Elane was Punk catgirl, Nicole was Vampire Catgirl, and I was Gypsy Catgirl)...and I thought no costume cuold compare to the one from the year before that, where I was, as Bobby called me, an Empress of the Gothic Underworld...but this year, this costume, it was...incredible.

Well, I skipped Spanish because I was out too late Thursday night, and I wore my little black shirt and cat ears to Anthropology to take the test (One of only 17 people to get an 80+ =D)...then I ate and whutnot, then got home and started getting ready. Note to self- Liquid Latex is EVIL! It is the SPAWN OF SATAN! *twitch* I had a minor allergic reaction to the stuff, but nothing major. I could still wear it, which was good, because I can't imagine Damry without a few of her scars. So yeah..I'm actually about ten minutes late to the party due to the damned latex that dripped down where it shouldn't. Hehe. And then...then I make my grand entrance. I slightly modified the costume so I could wear the magenta skirt too, and I looked frickin awesome. The skirt and trenchcoat just billowed out behind me..I looked frickin awesome. Sure, the wig got annoying after a while, especially since I couldn't take my trenchcoat on and off without tangling it..but damn! It was awesome.

So the party gets started..we play the new Inuyasha fighting game that Bandai sent us since we're uber-cool...I kicked ass. I am the master of random button pressing!! AHahaha! I played two 3 match rounds, using Sango and Miroku..and completely decimated my opponent...then we watched Witch Hunter Robin, which was FRICKIN AWESOME! I MUST cosplay as Robin, I must, I must! I didn't sit through the second episode though, because I went out and took my toy lightsabre and beat the crap out of Vash the Stampede! Yayahahahha! *cough* Must stop maniacal laughter. Can't choke to death from being evil. So we're all out there in the lobby of Cheek Hall, fighting with lightsabre's and wooden staffs...the people in the computer lab were giving us some straaaaaaaaaange looks. XD ..then we watched Excel Saga, laughing and cheered out loud as various people were killed or maimed..and cried when Sandora was killed. :( *sheds a little...tear*...I love that anime. I love it, I love it, I love it!...then .hack, which prompted me to draw a self portrait .hack style yesterday...but that's off the subject.

Then...the costume contest! Bwuahaha! Vash won, I came in second, Elf boy came in third, and the Chinese Inuyasha was fourth runner up. Brice was mad because no one voted for him, but his costume..sucked. Normal clothes and a katana. *chuckles* Silly boy. There were...so many awesome ones though...I LOVED Inuyasha's..hehe. And now, because that was so popular, we might have a cosplay night every other month. T'would be frickin awesome, and I could get a chance to cosplay as Robin! Bwuaha!

I also decided something. I broke about three hearts on Friday...Brice, Travis, and Elf-boy, whose name I can never remember. >.> All three of them obviously have a major crush on me, but of course, I'm with Max. However...this did make me realize something.

Even though I'm not skinny by any means...a lot of guys still find me attractive. It doesn't matter that I'm overweight to them, apparently. (Merely overweight, not obese, I'm nowhere near plus sizes) ..And maybe I really shouldn't worry so much about it. I'm insanely paranoid that my guy friends online will stop talking to me if they knew I wasn't some skinny gorgeous supermodel. It's not like I actually tell them that, but meh. I guess I'm unnaturally paranoid or something. But anyway...time to not worry about it. I'll continue my diet and exercise program and be that gorgeous skinny supermodel lookalike one of these days. Until then...you're stuck with just plain me. :)

Okay..now for a rant,(Lazily C/Ped from my thread on SO) then I gotta go into the weird dreams I had...O.o

Anyway, during my high school years I held onto the hope that the entire world wasn't as stupid as my tiny little hick town in the middle of nowhere Missouri. That's what got me through the idiocy...sure, from the internet I knew that people were generally stupid assholes, but I was hoping..praying even.

Since then I've come to the conclusion that American college students are the stupidest people on earth.

This morning I nearly wreck my bike twice because pedestrians won't stay out of the fucking bicycle lane! How hard is it to stay on the sidewalk!? There are bike lanes so those of us who ride don't have to worry about running into people...yet these people, when THEY HAVE A WHOLE DOUBLE-SIZED SIDEWALK TO WALK ON WON'T! *twitches* I know that seems like a small thing, but when there is a lot fo room for both but they have to walk in the CLEARLY MARKED bike lane, I'm just pissed off. -_-

See...the bike lane is narrower than the actual sidewalk, and when two bikes are coming at each other, it's hard enough to avoid crashing without people in the way...yet no one seems to notice, in fact, I was the one who got dirty looks when I zipped around people walking on the bike lane.

Ooh..then add in my roommate. A preppy art major, if you can imagine that. Anyway..I get home from anthropology today and find a nasty message on the door...she's pissed at me because she didn't take her keys when she went out and I locked her out before going to class. TAKE YOUR KEYS WITH YOU, DIPSHIT! I'm sorry..but it's like..policy to lock your doors here when you leave, especially when you have expensive gaming equipment like me. *sigh*

Why must my faith in humanity constantly be broken? I think it sunk to an all time low when I saw the ads for the Saving Jessica Lynch TV movie...-_-;

..And now..onto that dream. First of all, let me note that whenever I have a dream where I actually remember a characters name..it's weird. It's only happened twice..Eleseon, and now this one, Arista. So anyway, I'm blaming it entirely on dressing up as Damry for Halloween....if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be so pathetic as to dream about an RP character. *cackles* At least it wasn't like one of Max's dreams. *coughs and sputters her tea*

Okay..the actual dream. I was Damry (duh) and Klo-Ude was there. The two of them were doing the whole save the galaxy and were rescusing a group of kids from some evil sith lady or something..and one of the kids, her name was Arista...and I got the feeling she was rather important to the two. So they're fighting and do the coolest thing ever. They're both wearing normal black Jedi robes, though Damry's is actually a trenchcoat, but then through some magical looking thing, the robes kinda..shrivel as white light shines from the two and they look like angels for a moment. It's hard to explain, but that images is really sticking with me. ...So then the floor begins to like...crumble and they race to save the kids, barely doing so.

Then it gets weird. The dream pauses and I have some normal sleep for a bit..then it starts over from the beginning....this time I know what's going to happen, so I slightly change it so that the kids are all in a safe place before the floor crumbles..but that has it's own consequences. The evil Sith lady grabs Arista and Damry goes after her, and a huuge really scary sith guy is sent out to fight her...and she completely loses it, does the whole fetal position and whutnot. Kinda..disturbing. O.o. Then I wake up for a few minutes, fall back asleep ...and dream that mom and Dave showed up to 'surprise' me here. That was..not fun.

..Ooh....to add to the "RP dreams"..I dreamt Rusty FINALLY got around to helping Raine..but it wasn't online. We all met and he started to write it out in a notebook..O.o ..Then me, him, Max, Nicole, and Shawn went off to save the world.

...I have messed up dreams.

And here are the fabled me as Damry pictures-

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Meeeeerf. It's really weird when a sixth grader comes up to you and says they have a crush on the guy YOU had a crush on in fifth grade. Of course, he's in a local band..but still..that was weird.

Anyway, I'm home from my weekend home. Hooooray for being able to work on the site!

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the sweetest person in the world^^ You like to
read and love hanging around with your best

Which of the marauders are you?
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George Carlin. Tonight. Me. Whoo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I know there haven't been many updates lately, and I apologize. I've been extremley busy with school, and when I do have free time, I'm too lazy to post anything.

And I'm going to Carlin tonight..so I'll post lots when I get home. Just know that I am safe and whutnot.
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well...um...today, during art, I was talking about how I was having all these mafia related dreams...and Aaron was like "You should marry a mafia person then,"...Then Lissie said "Of course, she's joining the syndicate"..meaning Red Dragon, from Cowboy Bebop...and I, ever so innocently replied with "Of course..I'll be working directly under Vicious"....and those two took it wrong...and it's been following me all day.

and...I mentioned that this job makes me work with my hands a lot...it's not my fault that my friends are sick perverts! *grins*

And staying at school for 12 hours straight is...not fun. But it IS fun to run through the halls and go into the teachers lounge! ^_^

...but that's all for today. Nothing else spectacular happened.


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