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So yeah..my weekend was absolutely fascinating. It took us seven hours to make a typically four hour drive up to Kansas City, but it was an insanely fun drive, one that took us on many detours. And caused laughter as we counted five porn shops each within 5-10 miles of each other.

Speaking of pr0n, Live Action Tentacles?


That's all I need to say about that.

Yeah, it wasn't a bad weekend. We had a little adventure Sunday afternoon. We all went to the park and then tornado sirens went off. Luckily there wasn't any damage. And it was more amusing than anything. That's number #3 on my "Justin and I seem to outrun tornados" tag. Then there was the literal wall of rain we ran into. That was fun.

In completely different news, I got an amazon.com email today, saying that Jars of Clay's new album is available for preorder. I went over to JoC's site and listened to one of the tracks...and nearly cried. No, not a bad thing! That one track felt so much more like them than their last two albums, and I was quite happy. So yeah...it ships on September 5th!

The bookstore still hasn't gotten my Public Relations textbook in. I have an assignment due in an hour that I am unable to do because I lack the book. I will be highly irate if I'm punished for it. Seriously, I've been trying to get it for two weeks now, and they still don't have it. Before anyone says "..So go to a different bookstore" let me remind everyone that there is only the one bookstore in my town.

..Back on Jars of Clay, they're going to be in St. Louis on the 25th of October. I might be seeing my sisters birthday present...that would naturally be "oh so terrible" for me to go with her to. ;)
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I seriously thought White Castle Burgers were going to be my last meal today.

Yeah, we outrun another tornado today. Major update to come tomorrow, with any luck. We'll see if the cable actually gets installed correctly and on time.


May. 7th, 2003 10:36 pm
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Anyway...yesterday during school, my best friend and I decided to run to the next town over (which has a movie theater) to see X-2. We leave right after, we put the top down on his 95 Honda Civic Del Sol, 'cause it is...so hot and sunny.

So we get to the city and buy tickets for the 7:00 show..then go my my sisters house for a bit, the bookstore, then autozone...and all of a sudden, the storm rolls in. Lightning, thunder, everything. So I'm like "Let's find a safer place to wait this out."...We get back in the car...and then...you guessed it, the tornado sirens go. So by this time, Justin is freaking out and we have to pull over to one of the community colleges...and here comes the tornado. Luckily, it skipped over the schools parking lot..but we had the hail, the sideways rain, the noise...

I had never been so scared in my life.

So about 45 minutes later, we're given the all clear and leave, and head to the theatre to get a ticket refund. On the way there...his engine gets flooded or something like that from being so low to the ground with several inches of rain on the road.

That car should not have made it to the theatre. We barely pull in....and once more the sirens go off. So the people in the store next to the theatre pull us inside...we're there for another half hour or so...and finally we get our ticket refund...and rather miraculously, his car starts again.

And...earlier...Justin had wanted to go to yet another town...neither of us knew that one was hit even worse at the time...but I told him no, remembering that storms in Missouri tend to follow I-44....so we were saved then too. >.>

And, to top it all off...my cell phone wouldn't work and as we're FINALLY on our way home, ANOTHER tornadic storm blows up...and we had to race it for thirty miles. LIghtning strikes...plus I actually saw the funnel cloud...

But still..we ended up safe...which I attribute to my faith...but we also decided that Justin's car is now the guardian angel.

And...new place to go to, people..Aeris/Sephiroth Site It's giving me the motivation to finish A Night to Remember. :)


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