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I turn 26 tomorrow. Yuck.

Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] angel_in_tears

+ Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.
+ Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
+ Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on.

Wallpaper under the cut. Fuuu )

LL Stuff

Aug. 27th, 2010 07:12 am
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For [livejournal.com profile] partitioning

First two wallpapers. More, plus icons, will be added after I get a few hours of sleep.

Sooo tiiiired.. MASSIVE pictures under cut. )


Jul. 28th, 2010 06:57 pm
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Yeeeah. Cara has such awesome expressions. Not dial-up safe. At all.

....Crack within. Oh, is this one cracktastic. )
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Holy crap. A non-LotS layout. It's so pretty though, and I think I'm addicted to this layout designer. So simple and pretty, but well...pretty.

Also? Why is it that when you try to organize, things just get even messier? =\
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100 icons for Olympus Land )

These icons were made for the 100 icon challenge at Olympus Land, a challenge community based on Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Credit is awesome. Comments are even better. If you would like to edit a textless icon, go ahead-- just give me a heads up you're doing it.
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Here are ten Legend of the Seeker wallpapers, all made for [livejournal.com profile] legendland's Big Bang Alt challenge. GO TEAM KAHLAN! My theme was Kahlan's personal journey, chronicling some of the more intense moments of her time on the show, starting with the apparent death of her sister to the very end of Season 2 and everything that entailed. All wallpapers are 1024x768, but I can make them larger upon request.

Because I know in the end it's worthwhile, that the pain that I feel is not in vain.. )

My Fanmix entries for this challenge can be found HERE
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So, after about a year without updating my layout, I finally have. And it makes me happy.

I may also get back into icon making. I kinda miss it, and it's nice to do it with a fandom that I actually love. ...Probably gonna hold off on the fanfic though.
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I have to clean my house this weekend. The light in my kitchen went out-- and changing the lightbulb doesn't fix it. So I have to call the landlord. Joy. Oh well. It's really not as bad as it looks, it's just a matter of not being lazy.

That's definitely the hard part.

Anyway, as soon as the stream stops being a whore, then I'm going to be DJing, as I mentioned in my previous post. I'll update more with that as it happens.

Junon had it's pre-opening today. It'll be...interesting, I believe.

OH! New layout. Sai and Kenji, with Within Temptation lyrics.
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So my internet came back on around midnight, but I was too busy watching Myth Busters to care. :)

I did manage to get a Takako flashback written in class last night. That is seriously the easiest class ever to do other things in. Other than twenty minutes of lecturing, there's nothing to pay attention to. Creative Advertising is such a great class. ^_^

Although, I wanted to smack a girl last night. We had to make a quick mockup of an add to sell jeans to people 50+. While most people blatantly broke one of the first rules we learned, that being "Don't make fun of your target audience," and did their whole thing on "Suspenders and elastic waists so you can pull your jeans super high"...I suggested a simple classy add. "Classic. Comfortable. Strong.....You." and I got "I HATE IT BECAUSE IT'S NOT FUNNY."

I wasn't aware all advertising had to be funny.

If she expressed dislike in a nicer way than screaming "I HATE IT" then I wouldn't be irate. But seriously...that's just rude.

On a completely different note, I have narrowed down this years NaNo ideas to two. Either try my hand at fantasy one more time, or use that "Small Town" idea I had a few weeks ago. I have until November to decide though.

I also need an idea for a Halloween costume. GIVE ME IDEAS!

(And feel free to give me a theme idea for my new layout)
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[livejournal.com profile] br_roleplay players win at life. It's that simple.

I think I'm going to do a functional layout again soon. I love my Shitennou, but it's hard to navigate. And maybe I'll redo my userinfo. ANY SUGGESTIONS ON A THEME!?

By the way, Chuck Norris and Alexandra. *insane giggle*
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Bwuah. Fear my brushes! I love Photoshop 7. I'm having fun making brushes...and yes, I realize the text in my current icon is...small and barely readable..but the brushes! The brushes make it gorgeous! Bwuah.

....And merf. I'll edit this later. My question from yesterday opened up a whoe new can of worms.

And here is the edit. :)

So anyway, after getting the respsonces on both my LJ and from my friends on the floor, I came to the conclusion that yes..your true love and soul mate can be two different people..but me being the sadistic little whacko, I began to wonder..

A- What would happen if your true love became jealous of your soul mate? Then would s/he suddenly not be your true love for thinking such things?

B- If A happens, and you drop true love, do you have another true love, or is your soul mate actually your true love...(i.e. they ARE the same person)

C- What if your soul mate really loves you, but doesn't want to get in the way of your supposed true love?

D- What if both are secretly jealous of each other and show it in ways that eventually pissed you off so you drop 'em both?

E- What if one dies? Then can one take the place of the other, or is there someone completely new? Or maybe..is it just..over..

F- What if your true love is your spouse...but your soul mate becomes your (pardon the language)fuckbuddy?

......I'm sooo turning this into a story. (:
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So yeah...I'm playing with photoshop and photopaint today...made some pretty cool pieces. best though has to be this. It's Jaina Solo from the Japanese cover of Dark Journey..all played with. (:

Edit on March 3, 2005. PIcture doesn't work. Merf.

And I'm still short money big time, not to mention I now hate my major. Time to go to a psych major, methinks.
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Yes, I know I'm not posting the long awaited speal about my hellish week at home, nor my rant about human rights or even rage against the roommate.

I just can't write anything. My muse is so dead. -_-; I can barely scratch out an RP post...tonight I completely blew some girl off because frankly...I could not think of a thing for Izella to do. I barely talked to Kyle, barely talked to Ryan, barely talked to Max.

I haven't even been chatt-y. I made a few random useless posts on Shinra and UFF9 (Oh, when I feel like writing, I could rant about UFF9 for a bit. :) *waits for CK to come and beat her now*)...Last night I did write something worthwhile, but meh.

Maybe I'm doing slightly better graphics wise. I did make an awesome Jean Grey tag...and an even awesome-er stoned Yoda tag..but I am feeling insanely inadequate.

Work tomorrow. Meeting with Spanish professor tomorrow. Another day wondering exctly where my life is going. I have no clue -_-; Oh. If anyone wants to send me $2,000, I'd be happy to take it. That way I don't have to take out anothe loan just to pay for next semester. :(

Sigh. Life is frickin' complicated right now.


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