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Sometimes I hate my subconscious. I had a dream that I woke up, looked at my clock, and it said "10:19." So I immediately jumped up, and looked at my computer clock...which said "9:19." ...then I wandered to the living room to see Justin playing a game, and he said it was only 7:19. I was all "Oh man, then I could have gotten some more sleep..but I'm up, time to work on my project. Plenty of time now!"

....And then I woke up. -_-

Oh well. Half the storyboard text needs to be done, (insanely easy), my direct mail piece (Another insanely easy thing) and my radio commercial, which I'll record when I get home from work.

Thank God this is the end of the semester.
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My poor arm. During class, one of the girls took an hour to do her supposedly five minute presentation, and during that time, my arm got completely drawn over. I have everything from the (Star Wars) Rebel Insignia, to a Cactaur, to a picture of Takako and Haruka, to Kittyroth (OMG! WHERE'S REI!?)to "Vampire!Boy loves pose balls" and "y halo thar."

Yeah. I was bored. Seriously so. But on the plus side, no more Public Relations! And hooray for getting a 98/100 points on the presentation that I did the day it was due. :)

...Hn, speaking of Vampire!Boy and pose balls, I wonder where he is tonight...
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The paper I was stressing like crazy over? It's not due until next week. Which is...really good. Really, really good.

We bought the Christmas tree and such tonight, we're going to put it up tomorrow. I'm really exciting about it, actually. This will be the first time I've ever had my own Christmas tree. I know it seems like something really silly to be excited about, but I am. It's got clear lights, and it'll have red garland and gold ornaments.

And the Steve Irwin action figure will be the angel.

Yes. We're all going to hell. In a handbasket, at that. :)

EDIT: You know, the music at the Blue Note is quite soothing. I think I have a new place to hangout, aside from Hentai High! (Although, that furry club Wolven took me to was awesome, even if I was a bit out of place. ^_^)
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This paper is kicking my ass.
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So my internet came back on around midnight, but I was too busy watching Myth Busters to care. :)

I did manage to get a Takako flashback written in class last night. That is seriously the easiest class ever to do other things in. Other than twenty minutes of lecturing, there's nothing to pay attention to. Creative Advertising is such a great class. ^_^

Although, I wanted to smack a girl last night. We had to make a quick mockup of an add to sell jeans to people 50+. While most people blatantly broke one of the first rules we learned, that being "Don't make fun of your target audience," and did their whole thing on "Suspenders and elastic waists so you can pull your jeans super high"...I suggested a simple classy add. "Classic. Comfortable. Strong.....You." and I got "I HATE IT BECAUSE IT'S NOT FUNNY."

I wasn't aware all advertising had to be funny.

If she expressed dislike in a nicer way than screaming "I HATE IT" then I wouldn't be irate. But seriously...that's just rude.

On a completely different note, I have narrowed down this years NaNo ideas to two. Either try my hand at fantasy one more time, or use that "Small Town" idea I had a few weeks ago. I have until November to decide though.

I also need an idea for a Halloween costume. GIVE ME IDEAS!

(And feel free to give me a theme idea for my new layout)
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So yeah..my weekend was absolutely fascinating. It took us seven hours to make a typically four hour drive up to Kansas City, but it was an insanely fun drive, one that took us on many detours. And caused laughter as we counted five porn shops each within 5-10 miles of each other.

Speaking of pr0n, Live Action Tentacles?


That's all I need to say about that.

Yeah, it wasn't a bad weekend. We had a little adventure Sunday afternoon. We all went to the park and then tornado sirens went off. Luckily there wasn't any damage. And it was more amusing than anything. That's number #3 on my "Justin and I seem to outrun tornados" tag. Then there was the literal wall of rain we ran into. That was fun.

In completely different news, I got an amazon.com email today, saying that Jars of Clay's new album is available for preorder. I went over to JoC's site and listened to one of the tracks...and nearly cried. No, not a bad thing! That one track felt so much more like them than their last two albums, and I was quite happy. So yeah...it ships on September 5th!

The bookstore still hasn't gotten my Public Relations textbook in. I have an assignment due in an hour that I am unable to do because I lack the book. I will be highly irate if I'm punished for it. Seriously, I've been trying to get it for two weeks now, and they still don't have it. Before anyone says "..So go to a different bookstore" let me remind everyone that there is only the one bookstore in my town.

..Back on Jars of Clay, they're going to be in St. Louis on the 25th of October. I might be seeing my sisters birthday present...that would naturally be "oh so terrible" for me to go with her to. ;)
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So, I finally managed to rent Dirge of Cerberus. It was kinda funny, because the girl at the video store knows me, and she knows I've been in every day trying to get it...so when Justin and I pulled in after class, she saw us, ran and grabbed the game, and was getting it checked out for me as I entered the store.

The game itself?

I'm definitely glad I didn't buy it, but I'm having an insanely awesome time playing it. The controls suck, the gameplay is definitely mediocre at best...but it's still Vincent Fucking Valentine, therefore all suckiness is negated. :)

Class tonight went well. I think this class (Creative Advertising) is going to be one of my better classes ever. According to my professor, it's going to be mostly creative writing. Hooray!
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It's official. I can't even write a pure little kiss scene without giggling at imaginary smutty overtones. I fail at life. :)

So, my first class went well. My third favorite professor ever teaches it, and it should be interesting, despite her saying it's going to be boring. Public Relations, by the way.

This Reika post, though short, is good. *nodnods* This makes me glad, as now I don't have to worry about her anymore! Hooray! ...I swear, no one will ever surpass Akemi. Well...Damry and Raine, but they're a completely different story.

And yes, I am listening to this song again.
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] ayllix

What do the LOTR men think of you? by ladyearwentari
Name (LJ or Real)
Viggo said yourcool
Orlando says the sex waswicked
Elijah imaginedyou naked
Sean B could notwait to get away from you
Karl freaked out whenyou tied up the cast members
Dom thinks you lookscary
Billy noticedthat you're hella short
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Alrighty...I've needed to write up a new entry for a while. Just..never got around to it. This is the first night that I've managed to be free for a week..and even still, I'm not entirely free. Anyway..Sunday was, as expected, completely hellish. I woke up, showered, and as I'm getting dressed, I discover that the zipper on my work pants broke...like..beyond repair. One of the little metal things in the zipper broke..so I had to wear my wrinkly dress pants because I had no other suitable black pants. Meh. And then I mixed 27 and 29's slippers...but then got a 40 dollar tip and got to leave early..had a nice break, but then we had to get things ready for Tosca..which took forever. Although..I did get a frickin awesome compliment Bridget, the wardrobe lady, told me that after working the wardrobe set I did, that I could work just about any Broadway show. Yeah. I was pretty happy about that.

And then I was stupid enough to volunteer to work Monday. Buncha sexist Russians thinking I couldn't carry stuff. Hmph. T'was a fun load-in though. Cindy and I made fun of the silly Russians...and then class, blah. And then right after Spanish, I raced back to the Hall adn watched Tosca.

Wow. I had never been to the opera before...and I want to go many more times. I was...floored. The typical story..woman loves man, man loves woman, man harbors criminal, is caught, woman is told she can save him by having sex with the bad guy, woman kills bad guy, man is killed, woman kills self...but still..insanely awesome. And the load-out was relatively easy.

I had a few more things I wanted to say, but I'm too tired. I'll update sometime in the morning.
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This is by far the most stressful week of my life. The shows are going well, but they're still insanely stressful, especially since I'm pretty much on my own now. No cranky wardrobe coordinator around..except when I screw up. (: Grr. I almost wish I had the entire cast to do myself, (though that's completley impossible) because then I wouldn't also be held repsonsible for other mistakes people make. See..there are six ladies on the wardrobe crew (plus the coordinator), and four of us are college students...and of the students, I'm the most experienced. The other two are older ladies who- because they've done work on big shows before, can automatically do no wrong. So while I myself have certainly messed up a few times, I did get chewed out for them a few times. Still..nothing major. Nothing has brought me to tears yet. :)

And now...to study for my CIS midterm. Blah. And after that..I can relax for a few hours, then back to work, then home to sleep, then up at noon (Hooraaaaaay for sleeping in!!) and to psych...then I have to do laundry..and go to the anime club for a half hour (Just to let everyone know I'm alive, 'cause I wasn't there last week) and then to work again...and then I have a 12:30 call Saturday and will be working almost nonstop until 11ish..and then church Sunday..then another 12:30 call, then load-out...then home to do some massive studying for my psych test...then my pysch test monday at 1...then Ethics, then Spanish, then Bible study, then writing my Anthro paper...

I'm not going to get a break until Wednesday night. -_-
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I can't do anything for you, but I'll be there for you.

Well..today was fairly normal. Slept late, then got up and showered, getting ready for the Phi Eta Sigma induction and whutnot. Actually wore earrings, and I rarely do because most of mine didn't look good with my haircut, but now they're okay. :) And that was...dull. The faculty member that spoke was pretty cool though, talking about finding your creative niche and sticking with it. As said in a certain conversation last night...easier in theory than practice. I mean...I want to write. I want to travel around the world and write about the experience..I want to do things that not everyone gets a chance to.

Sure, I would like to be a psychologist, especially one that helps find the cure for Alzheimers (Yes, psych's do that too, and that's what I'm personally working on in the research lab) or I'd love to be an anthropologist, studying Middle Eastern cultures....but what I feel is my calling...it's to write.

Problem with that is that I'm too lazy to work on it. I have so many ideas, but whenever I sit down to write them down, I get distracted. Or I work on something non-original...like these damned fanfics. Yeah. Currently in the process of actively working on four. Yes. Four. Imperfect Future, that piece of Damry's early history, Eradication, and a Battle Royale fic. Grr. Blame Pat for getting BR II for the last one. I was watching it today and going "Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." the entire way through. Not as good as the first, but a nice solid sequal...with a few ..er...lot of holes in the plot. Still..I did enjoy it and now I must write a fanfic. That's an insanely cool fandom to write in.

And...I did have an odd thought. Why do I love these insanely gorey and violent movies? BR, BR II, Kill Bill...I just really really really enjoy them. Oh well..probably doesn't mean a whole lot. I myself am not a very violent person (Although I have had thoughts of strangling a person because of something she put a friend through, but that's taken care of)...so meh. I'll just keep watching and enjoying.

And I know...pink and Battle Royale doesn't go together, but I want it to, so that's why my colors are such. Hmph!

Oh. According to Human For Sale I'm worth $1,999,350.00 ^_^
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...To clarify things.


It is an honor society for us smart people. ^_^
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Well...nothing to write about. Nothing shareable anyway. Nothing's..wrong, just I don't feel like ranting today.

So I'm just going to hang out at Amy's house tonight, go to the Phi Eta Sigma induction tomorrow..and relax before my week from hell. :)
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I am completely normal.

It's YOU ALL who are the weirdos. ^_^

Hehe. I had the meeting with the rest of the research assistants and the professor this morning, and we decided that since we're psychologists, we decide what's normal...so we decided that we're normal..everyone else is abnormal. Yeah. :)
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Forever Love )

I love that song. 'tis the ending theme of X/1999, but I posted it in English, so people could actually understand it. Anyway, I'm still kind..mehish. Next week will be the week from hell, too. >.< Monday will be okay. Pysch, Ethics, Spanish...Tuesday through Sunday...eh...complete 'nother story. I discovered that I shall have to cut Anthro and Computers to work wardrobe for Miss Saigon..and then Wednesday should be all right, normal class stuff...but Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday..and Sunday, I believe, I get to work the show. Sigh. I'm almost afraid to, because if Brian puts me somewhere where I don't know how to do something..ergh. I'll just die.

I'm already having nightmares about it. Last night I dreamt that I was working the show and the performing all got sick, but the show had to go on, so we techies were given scripts and told to go out there. >.> Normally that would be like.."OMG! I AM SO HAPPY!" but the performers that weren't sick were so snotty to us and I tried to use a fan to hide the script, but they took that away and made me use a folder. O.o ...So then I'm trying to get my lines out, but the book isn't highlighted and the stage is dark, so I screw up.

Sigh. At least it is completely impossible for that to happen..but I'm still scared about that show. I've never worked a huge show, just the symphony and small venues. I just don't want to screw up.

At least I got the party at Amy's this weekend. :)
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Door knocks. I think it's Sam or Amy. I say "come in"...skinny drunk black guy walks in. Wants to talk. Comes over the computer desk, sees my copy of FFIX on the PS2, as I'd been playing it earlier. Starts freaking out. Sees my Vicious wallpaper, then my anime collection. Declares that I am the coolest person in the world and that he's coming back tomorrow when he's sober to hang out.

.....I love college. :)

Seriously though...I am definitely looking forward to getting out of th dorms. Drunk guys walking in..that bothers me.
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..Okay. Time for a completely NON-angsty post from me. I've gone too long without oen of those, and turned my journal into a bitching ground. (:

First of all, I'm relatively surprised by how quickly I've acclimated to the weather. I mean...it's no different than home and if anything, a tad colder. But I just got back from the psych lab..and I was about to fry. Okay..I'm wearing a tank top, thin little overshirt, and my thin fleece hoodie....and it's less than 30 degrees. I think it's probably because I'm actually out in the cold more often. That and those -6 degree days probably helped. Hehe. If I could get through them, I can get through just 'bout any kind of Missouri weather.

Ooh. Marie and I are going Tuesday to get tickets to the afi concert. Hopefully they're not sold out by then. Corinne was talking about how fast they sold out in St. Louis, so I'm reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hoping they don't here yet. At least not until Marie and I get ours. T'will be a cool concert. I'm not a mega fan of any of the bands (afi, Thursday, and whoever the last one is), but it should be a cool experience.

Let's see...in other news, my little brother wrote me an email and didn't use any 'net speak' at all! I'm so proud of him! *tear* He hears me bitching enough about people who use "u" and "r" and whutnot, so apparently he took it to heart. Good. That means he's relatively normal...or abnormal...hmm.

Hmm. I think I'm going to shut up now, I have things to write up, a Spanish vocab quiz to study for..blech. -_-;

Okay..just ONE bitchy thing in here..I HATE SPANISH! I just don't have the capacity to learn another language, methinks. So I'm going to try to keep a B in there to keep my gpa up so I keep my scholarships...but it is going to be tough. I completely bombed the first test. Had a 57 until the curve, which brought it up to a 60. Passing. Barely. Of course...that could be because I just plain don't study, but merf.
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So yeah. In anthropology today we were talking about initiation rites, rites of passage and whutnot. Pretty standard anthro stuff, nothing new to me..but while doodling in my notebook rather than listen to my professor, I came to a realization. In so many cultures, people my age are already married or set to be, or in their career...basically..all grown up. They know how they are, their identities are set by now. Sure, There's probably more than I think that are still struggling, but in so many so-called "primitive" (One of these days I'll have to post my essay on why no culture is primitive..but, heh..back on subject) cultures, people know what they're supposed to do, what's expected of them.

Sure...it's good that in our culture we have the different choices, but argh..it's maddening to have to figure this stuff out. Last semester I read a really good article about arranged marriages in India, and I'm wondering, with all this garbage going on right now, if that's not such a bad idea. ....Well..it probably is, as I would NEVER trust my parents with something of that magnitude, but it's an interesting concept. Especially since I can't trust myself. ..That's right. I can't trust myself. My emotions are too screwy to bank on right now..and I'm afraid that it's going to be like that forever. I know..I know. Nearly everyone goes through this, but it's maddening.

Hell, life itself is maddening. I want to know the answers.

I want to know who I am.
I want to know where my life is going.
I want to know my place.
I want to know who I'm going to spend it with.

I'm sick of waiting. I am not a very patient person, and couple that with my thoughts....well....Sigh. Not a pretty picture. I think I'm still placing myself too highly, I want to believe that everything's about me. It's not though...so I gotta get out of that mindset. Still..t'would be nice if this one thing I'm right on. Doubt it though. So I'll just be content with being jealous.

Lyric Spammage )
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Alrighty, I figured it was time for a real entry..well..not that the otheres weren't real, they just didn't make much sense. Anyway, last night I had another dream that I remembered when I woke up, but couldn't remember after I had been up for a while. I kinda think it had to do with a building that's been in several of my dreams before, and it had something to do with an auction. Kinda weird, but it was important. Meh. -_- I hate it when that happens. But anyway...I managed to sleep later than I had planned, so didn't study a lot for my Psych test. Meh. Beside, I managed to get really pissed off this morning too.

I was going through my book, and discovered that the book I had paid $110.00 for new..was used. See..I like having used books, far cheaper and whutnot..but I DO NOT like paying full price for a used books. So after the test, I went to the bookstore, politely chewed out the lady, and got my money back. 28 bucks might not seem ‪like a lot, but it is to me. Luckily I didn't have to throw a fit.

And..eh..anime club tonight. I cleaned my room today..amazingly enough. Takign bets now on how long it'll last.
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Okay. I think I've calmed down...last night was pretty bad, but meh. Understandably so. But things were discussed that needed to be discussed and I can go back to my normal slighty-psychotic self. (:

So yeah. Today's been pretty dull so far. Got up..emailed the lady I need to talk to about the psych lab assistant position...didn't go because I didn't know where her office was (But emailed her to tell her)...worked on my Anthro paper, talked to Kyle..went to psych...which was, oddly enough, really boring. But that's probably because I'm so tired. Haven't slept a lot in the last coupla days, but c'est la vie.

Although, I do have to kill Kyle. =D I can't look at my lotion anymore...or at least I have to get some that isn't blue. *mutters about smurfs* And Marie left a note on the door with her new phone number, so all is good.

Now...to hope they cancel classes today...it's getting insanely icey out there.


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