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~*~walks into the cantina, looking around for friends, enemies, and anyone who might want to kidnap her~*~

.....I've been going through old notebooks to sort my writing into a big box of hanging file folders, and I found the "cantina election" that I wrote back in..2001? Something like that. And after reading that line, a parody of one of the cantina players, (Jedi Princesses DO NOT EXIST. GEAH! I still angry-face over that almost ten years later) I cracked up. And then I looked over to my screen, where I'm playing a 'former' hitman in Perdition on Second Life...and there was someone basically clamoring for kidnap RP.

Some things never change.

I also know that I shouldn't make fun of this player all this time later, but she's grown up and probably laughs about it too.

At least I hope she does.

All of the things making fun of Jason were great to find too. And he DOES deserve it. Dark Lord of the Sith my ass.
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I am completely normal.

It's YOU ALL who are the weirdos. ^_^

Hehe. I had the meeting with the rest of the research assistants and the professor this morning, and we decided that since we're psychologists, we decide what's normal...so we decided that we're normal..everyone else is abnormal. Yeah. :)
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Whoo hoo. Time for an actual update. :) Amazing, eh?

Anyway, we'll start off with the crazy dreams I had this weekend. Always a fun topic.

First one...I was there, as was Max. We were running our own kingdoms, began fighting, and like..started killing everything to get back at each other. We'd create these funky mini-worlds, and the people inside of them would die because they were either turned into shadows or stone. I eventually won, but still..too high a price. -_-;...then I woke up, fell back asleep, and this time Amy, one of the girls on the floor, was going on and on about how much someone on the floor sucked, but wouldn't say a name until "someone left the bathroom" ...So I did, but then returned to find out that she and the rest of the floor hated me because I was up late writing. O.o ...so then there was a hall meeting, and Kelsey (The RA) couldn't get order because no one would shut up about how much I sucked. :( ..then I wake up again, sleep again..this time I'm going back to the dorms, but they're doing massive construction and my mom and I get completely lost.

Anyway, the other one I can only recall bits and pieces of, but anyway, it begins with me in a contest where we have to run, climb, then bike up a cliff. First two I do all right, the last one, biking, I get a crappy start, some snob makes fun of me, but then I beat her because I don't stop for water on a landing, she does. So I'm like "Okay...I did that..why?"...dumb questions get dumb answers. Although..perhaps this wasn't dumb, just odd. Turns out that we were being tested and chosen to go to another dimension to save a kingdom from an evil queen and her two daughters. And of course, this being my dream, I'm chosen. So I go, things get blurry around this part, but then I realize that the queen has a son, who is..Kyle. Yeah. Except he's really blonde and look like the stereotypical prince. o.O ..So yeah, I figure out that I can defeat the queen, but Kyle gets in the way (bastard) until I hide under a table, then you finally help. So together we put the terrible three through a door into an alternate dimension (Yet another) and two girls who were helping me too want to get down the mountain that we're suddenly on. So Kyle asks a guy with horses to lend them, but he wants collateral. The girls ignore this, steal the horses, and begin their way down. And then, just like in cartoons, a string appears by the guy as I'm racing to find something to pay him with, and he pulls it, sending down an avalanche. So then I wake up for a few moments..and the dream continues with the queen and daughters, who are in this insanely high building with the only way to travel being on those skinny girder type thingies..so they're freaked out, faint, wake up on a platform, think they're safe, but aren't. Then I show up again, and my dorm is now in this building...so I'm freaking out trying to figure out a way out..and a person gives me a free sweatshirt.

Yeah. Remind me not like..not eat anything before I sleep.

And Saturday I had the funeral. It..sucked. And I swear...anyone tries to put me in an open coffin, I am haunting them. That was...ergh. I don't even want to think about it, but it's too late now. *shudder* And since Salem had gotten so much snow and it had just melted, the cemetary was completely muddy, and I got my shoes stuck, and it was...ergh. I suppose it could have been worse, but I'm not sure how so.

Then that night when Mom and Dave went to the singing, I watched Legally Blonde 1 & 2...was scarily amused...and Sunday..went to church, took a nap, watched Fuse, went to bed..typical boring stuff.

Yesterday was pretty cool though. Marie and Vince drove me back to the dorms, and we stopped at Bass Pro (Blah!), got pizza and whutnot. And Vince said he'd co-sign a loan. :)

Now...let's see how long this mood lasts. Tired, but feeling fairly okay. Still...scared of something. Meh.
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..Okay. Time for a completely NON-angsty post from me. I've gone too long without oen of those, and turned my journal into a bitching ground. (:

First of all, I'm relatively surprised by how quickly I've acclimated to the weather. I mean...it's no different than home and if anything, a tad colder. But I just got back from the psych lab..and I was about to fry. Okay..I'm wearing a tank top, thin little overshirt, and my thin fleece hoodie....and it's less than 30 degrees. I think it's probably because I'm actually out in the cold more often. That and those -6 degree days probably helped. Hehe. If I could get through them, I can get through just 'bout any kind of Missouri weather.

Ooh. Marie and I are going Tuesday to get tickets to the afi concert. Hopefully they're not sold out by then. Corinne was talking about how fast they sold out in St. Louis, so I'm reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hoping they don't here yet. At least not until Marie and I get ours. T'will be a cool concert. I'm not a mega fan of any of the bands (afi, Thursday, and whoever the last one is), but it should be a cool experience.

Let's see...in other news, my little brother wrote me an email and didn't use any 'net speak' at all! I'm so proud of him! *tear* He hears me bitching enough about people who use "u" and "r" and whutnot, so apparently he took it to heart. Good. That means he's relatively normal...or abnormal...hmm.

Hmm. I think I'm going to shut up now, I have things to write up, a Spanish vocab quiz to study for..blech. -_-;

Okay..just ONE bitchy thing in here..I HATE SPANISH! I just don't have the capacity to learn another language, methinks. So I'm going to try to keep a B in there to keep my gpa up so I keep my scholarships...but it is going to be tough. I completely bombed the first test. Had a 57 until the curve, which brought it up to a 60. Passing. Barely. Of course...that could be because I just plain don't study, but merf.
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Alrighty, I figured it was time for a real entry..well..not that the otheres weren't real, they just didn't make much sense. Anyway, last night I had another dream that I remembered when I woke up, but couldn't remember after I had been up for a while. I kinda think it had to do with a building that's been in several of my dreams before, and it had something to do with an auction. Kinda weird, but it was important. Meh. -_- I hate it when that happens. But anyway...I managed to sleep later than I had planned, so didn't study a lot for my Psych test. Meh. Beside, I managed to get really pissed off this morning too.

I was going through my book, and discovered that the book I had paid $110.00 for new..was used. See..I like having used books, far cheaper and whutnot..but I DO NOT like paying full price for a used books. So after the test, I went to the bookstore, politely chewed out the lady, and got my money back. 28 bucks might not seem ‪like a lot, but it is to me. Luckily I didn't have to throw a fit.

And..eh..anime club tonight. I cleaned my room today..amazingly enough. Takign bets now on how long it'll last.
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Oooh. Very short post.

Note to self- When you fail to get a return call from someone rather responsible about a ride to church in the morning on Saturday night...DON'T assume they forgot and won't call you at 9:10. :)

Hooray for 4.5 hours of sleep!
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Okay...so I'm still on the whole true love/soul mate bit. Bear with me.

So anyway...how does one say "Hey, I think you're my soul mate?" I mean..I can see someone talking about being their true love...because there are visible signs...but with a soulmate, that's harder.

Ooh. And in other news, I discovered that Kyle and I have the same scar in the same place on the same hand.

Creepy, eh?

And chocalte chai tea is NOT a good thing to drink before bed. I am so wired that I don't see myself sleeping for a while yet.
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Bwuah. Fear my brushes! I love Photoshop 7. I'm having fun making brushes...and yes, I realize the text in my current icon is...small and barely readable..but the brushes! The brushes make it gorgeous! Bwuah.

....And merf. I'll edit this later. My question from yesterday opened up a whoe new can of worms.

And here is the edit. :)

So anyway, after getting the respsonces on both my LJ and from my friends on the floor, I came to the conclusion that yes..your true love and soul mate can be two different people..but me being the sadistic little whacko, I began to wonder..

A- What would happen if your true love became jealous of your soul mate? Then would s/he suddenly not be your true love for thinking such things?

B- If A happens, and you drop true love, do you have another true love, or is your soul mate actually your true love...(i.e. they ARE the same person)

C- What if your soul mate really loves you, but doesn't want to get in the way of your supposed true love?

D- What if both are secretly jealous of each other and show it in ways that eventually pissed you off so you drop 'em both?

E- What if one dies? Then can one take the place of the other, or is there someone completely new? Or maybe..is it just..over..

F- What if your true love is your spouse...but your soul mate becomes your (pardon the language)fuckbuddy?

......I'm sooo turning this into a story. (:
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Okay..this doesn't nessecarily reflect on any situation of mine, but the question came to me as I was laying awake last night at 3:00 am 'cause I had drank two cups of Vanilla Chai tea...>.>

So anyway...Can your soulmate and your true love be two different people? (This is, of course, assuming both exist)

Leave a comment and teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllll meeeeeeeeeeee!
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Okay..short and sweet entry-

1- Mom will co-sign the loan.

2- I found a place to live off-campus next semester.

3- Katiroth just kicked the shit out of Edge. ^_^

...Someone help me. I've become obsessed with a wrestling game. >.>


Jan. 17th, 2004 03:37 pm
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Quistis Trepe can beat up Damry Hawke. Yes...I learned that at about 2 am last night. -_-; In order for Damry to beat up Quistis she needs a special referee who just so happens to be a plumber by the name of Mario. -_-;
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So yeah...I'm playing with photoshop and photopaint today...made some pretty cool pieces. best though has to be this. It's Jaina Solo from the Japanese cover of Dark Journey..all played with. (:

Edit on March 3, 2005. PIcture doesn't work. Merf.

And I'm still short money big time, not to mention I now hate my major. Time to go to a psych major, methinks.
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Battle Royale came today. I had to go to the Anthropology study session, then I had some graphics to work on...but then at dinner when I saw Bobbie (and his new hair), I started reading it. And oooh man. So much better than the movie, although the book doesn't have the lady on the TV, heh. >.>

And I'm tired.
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A few lessons have been learned this week. First of all, don't wear an ankle length coat in mid-calf deep snow. Secondly, don't bother practicing for a speech because they students will give you excellent peer reviews anyway. Third- only the pretty sorority girls will get to finals in a public speaking event. :)

This has been a boring week, but merf. It went by pretty fast. Slept through Spanish Monday morning, but then everything kinda..zipped by. I had the Public Speaking Showcase on Tuesday and snickered as some of the most boring speeches won...then had Speech last night, gave my speech on video game violence..and apparently did much better than expected. So..yeah. today was my last class of the semester, got chewed out for having loans..O.o Sometimes I wonder if it'd be smarter to go to a cheaper community college. Might make life a lot better. Maybe. So yeah.

Oh, yeah. Let's not forget Tuesday night. About 12:15, after I got off the phone with Max, Corinne and I went out and played in the snow. First snowball of the year!! t'was fun, and it's nice that Corinne and I are getting along. Dare I say we're almost friends? Almost...but not quite. Well..we've actually been talking though, so it's a plus. And...we made a mini-snowman, and he's still in the freezer. We named him Harry Potter, 'cause Corinne tried to put cheerios on him as eyes. T'was funny.

And yeah...short post, but merf.

Memes and Quizzes!!! )
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Okay...I've kept all of my readers (What, all...two of you? ^_~) in suspense, so I'm finally going to write up this post.

Let's start with my week at home. Gah. I haven't been so bored in ...forever. Friday night I killed my back 'cause I was always leaning forward to talk to mom and Dave..then I slept, and Saturday was..weird. I helped skin a deer. *shudder* Nasty. Insanely. I'm proud of myself though, because I'm realyl squeamish around bloody and such, and that was one of the bloodiest things I've ever been around. Actually...the bloodiest thing I've ever been around. I made Marie come pick me up though, because A- I was cold, and B- it was getting too nasty when they cut the deer's head off. That was enough for me, heh. And I think I'll be out of school by the time we get the house done. Dave's sick and whutnot..so I'm seeing the rest of the family being in town until I'm long gone. Sigh. We never should have bought that place. It was...not worth it. At all. I think Mom and Dave were deluding themselves. Of course, I'll never actually say that, but I think that. -_-;

Hmm..then Saturday night I went to the play..and about died laughing. They did Captain Fantastic, another Tim Kelly play, and I was like. "haha!" the entire way through. It was also cool, 'cause I sat by Ms. Sheeley and only we and a few other people got some of the more subtle jokes, mostly plays on words and whutnot. T'was a pity that I didn't see Mrs. Condray of Mrs. Nickles though. That woulda made things perfect. And then Lissie came over, we had cake for mom's birthday, and then Sunday was boring. Normal day. I decided to skip Spanish and Anthropology Monday, so I went ahead and stayed over. Big mistake. I ended up cleaning the house. >.< It's like..I don't mind cleaning up after myself and sometimes Christina, but I DON'T LIVE THERE ANYMORE! I don't even think I'll stay there over the summer, I want to move in with Marie so that I can get a job in Rolla, which would be sooo much easier than trying to find a job in Salem. Er...off on a tangent. Again.

Okay. So yeah. Dull Thanksgiving, I spent the night before cleaning with Marie (Which was okay, 'cause my sister is the coolest person in the world), and then the day stuffing olives (which was okay, I guess) and watching dumb movies. I'm sorry, but you can only watch Scrooged so many times before it gets insanely old -_- Then Friday was boring, playing Kingdom Hearts...and finally, Saturday I got to come back to the dorms! It was amazingly wonderful. Almost no one was in the dorms because it was still technically Thanksgiving break, so I could play my music...and actually work on graphics. It was wonderful. I managed to get TE finished. ^_^ Looks pretty good, even though I have to use FrontPage. Gah. One of these days I'm going to learn html. I swear!

So yeah...then I have some random stuff happen in class, nothing special. As usual, the majority of the drama happens online. Although, I'm just going to sorta half rant about UFF9 for a few moments. :) I'm not exactly happy with a few things. Most notable keeping luna in her mod spot. Now..Lu is an awesome person, I love her to death, but she has done NOTHING for well over a month. I'm convinced that the only reason she's still there is because of Silverwolf. Once again, a guy I love to death, but come on! The graphics forum is my love, and I have soo many ideas for it..starting up something like Shinra, 'cause we have a few graphic artists, but no incentive to post. Meh. Soooooo many ideas, but Lu isn't even around so I can share 'em so she can think about putting them into effect. UFF9 needs some posting incentives, and there are sooo many ideas I have for the graphics forum, but I would rather be selfish.

Anyway...enough for now. Just...visit TE or something.....Oh. Battle Royale is uber-ness incarnate. (:
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And here I go..off for the weekend..only to come back here Sunday and once again go home Tuesday..O.o

....And Bobbie, should you read this- SHAME ON YOU FOR MISSING THE PLAY THIS WEEKEND!

..though, if you read that at home, heh...then it's fine. ^.^

Max..I love you. :)
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I don't even know what to think anymore. I'm somewhat relieved, but at the same time, miserable still. Blah. Life is far too complicated right now...so I'm going to go off on another tangent and not complain. After all, complaining won't do a thing.

SO..um..I made a new wallpaper today. ( http://jade-angel.net/images/wallpaper/matrix.jpg ) Still haven't seen Revolutions, but meh. Cool enough images. ^_^..and, eh..I got a 90 on my Psych test..and I have a Spanish test tomorrow....and I will be insanely pissed if someone takes the seats left in Cultural Anthropology before 10 am tomorrow.

....and I can't think of anything else. Meh. 'least I'm going home this weekend. I'll get to see everyone...and then I'm coming home Sunday night only to go BACK home Tuesday sometime.
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...Wow, not watching Buffy for several years really makes me lost..O.o Anyway, things are somewhat better today, though I did accidentally run into a person. It wasn't really either of our faults, though. Meh. And it was cold. >.< What happened!? It was almost 80 degrees yesterday, now it's 43! T'was hellish riding my bike, but at least I had my gloves...Oooh..SPike IS hot. *giggles* Dammit, and Amy already claimed him. *pout*

Eh...meh. I have to go to speech tonight. I don't wanna..night classes are the spawn of satan, even more evil than that liquid latex from Halloween. Meh. It's already really dark. I suppose I should go eat soon, but I'm not hungry. Beside, I'm too lazy.

I need amusement. I need someone to take me to see Revolutions!
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I think we're going to get rain tonight. It's only 4:11 and really really dark already from the cloud cover. It's kinda depressing..76 degrees in the middle of Autumn and so dark because of daylight savings...where my snow, dammit!?

Wait..if there's snow, then I won't be able to ride my bike to class and yell at pedestrians in the bike lane.

Hmm...what's more important?

Anyway..in other news, Corinne is really pissing me off with her refusal to lock the door. HOW HARD IS IT TO BRING YOUR KEYS WITH YOU?! ..Meh. I think I'm going to work on my schedule now.
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Just a quick update..heh.

....I never did clean my room completely. Laundry I did (well..two loads)...clean my desk I did..but otherwise...eh. Nothing.

And I can cook, I can cook! *points to her fettuccini alfredo!*


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