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So I suppose I should write something that's meaningful... or at least more than a few words. Perhaps I'm too used to facebook and being brief that I've forgotten how to write more long-winded updates on my life.

Either that or I'm just lazy. I'm going to go with the lazy excuse.

Also, forgive any typos, I'm on my new (old) laptop. My sister got a new one and handed this one down to me. It's useful for writing and random web browsing, which is all I need it for, since my PC is a gaming rig. ...That is going to have to be replaced in February when I get my tax return, I think. Either the RAM is going bad, or the graphics card is, because every so often, especially when I'm running intensive stuff, my screen will turn into horizontal lines and completely freeze up. Google tells me it's likely RAM...but I'd like a new computer anyway. Boris is hitting three years old soon... though that's not as bad as this laptop, which is five.

SO I've been married for four months now, and I really can't believe how happy I am. I never thought I could be this happy. It's like, I can't evenn describe it, but knowing that I'm with a person like Luke is just astonishing. Back in high school and college I had kinda thought that I would never find someone who compliments me so well... And it only took a random computer game to find the love of my life.

We have no plans on having kids, at least not for a while. Years, if at all. Right now he's more open to the kid idea than I am, but only in random spurts. He comes to his senses fairly quickly. We have enough going on with work and three cats that a kid just isn't something we can handle at the moment.

Oh, work...

My doctor wants me to do some physical therapy before I start applying to ambulance districts, as my shoulder has been acting up a LOT lately. He's worried that I'll tear something with all of the lifting before I'm ready... I probably should have gotten physical therapy soon after the car accident, but I was stubborn and didn't think I needed it. Oops.

Right now though, I'm happy that both Luke and I have stable jobs. I'm still doing registration and he's a med tech at the local treatment center. It pays the bills and gets us some extra things... like video games. For my birthday, I got FF9 for the PSP. It makes me happy.

Speaking of games, I'm playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and it's awesome. The main character is sex appeal in pixel form... saying that makes me feel like I'm in high school again, but it's true. That is a very, very, very beautiful game.

RP-wise, still playing in JC and bitching about it every day. I'd love to find another Star Wars game like SWFL or even SWTA/SWGB. Forums sound fun right now. Maybe a generic fantasy game would be fun too. I want to play a busty barwench who secretly wants to be a knight. Or something super silly like that.

.. I also have a cold. And only one nostril is plugged up. And a half an hour to go before I can take more cold medicine. Yuck.
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Gah! I HATE, HATE, HATE waiting for things to come in the mail. I was expecting the insurance company to send that particular desired envelope Monday, it supposedly got processed Tuesday, so I figured, given that it merely had to come from Kansas City, that it would be here today. I even set my alarm for the rough time of when the mail gets to my apartment, so I could take care of everything this afternoon.

But noooo. It's not here. ;_;

But in happier news, I got my first offer to blog for a store in Second Life! :D This makes me ridiculously happy, and I'm getting particulars now, to see if I'm going to take it or not (time is an issue, after all). It's all "edgy" clothing and RP type things, so it's my cup of tea (except the gorean stuff).

Also? Finally caught up on LegendLand stuff, at least what I was planning on doing to begin with. No time to write fics, as that seems to be the hardest thing for me anymore. Sad face.

My homemade chicken quesadillas are awesome, by the way.



Jul. 3rd, 2010 02:42 pm
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I had an interesting night last night. Went to dinner with Luke and...Justin.

Then Justin and I hung out for hours, just catching up on the last two years worth of random stuff. I discovered that ACROSS is messed up now...it might be time for a founding member to return and set things right, shifty-eyes, and it was good to just hang out again, despite the major fight we had that tore us apart for years.

In other news...

The settlement from the car accident? Where I thought we would just get reimbursed for things we paid out of pocket, such as my glasses and prescriptions?

Ooooh no.

Since my clavicle was broken and my left index finger is still almost unusable, I get what is essentially "pain and suffering" reimbursement. To the tune of enough money to get me a good used car, with enough left over to put a decent amount into savings...and to get a new monitor. When I was on the phone with the insurance guy, he was all "I'm sorry if this isn't enough, or what you were expecting" and I just had my mouth hanging open when he told me the amount. As I said, I was expecting maybe a couple hundred at the MOST as reimbursement for what we paid.

So yeah, all in all, yesterday was awesome. Luke got an electric guitar and is already doing pretty awesome. I strummed a few chords and lamented the fact that my finger is still wonky, not to mention they're too short to play a full sized guitar easily.
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Pictures of the car...and a screenshot of my broken clavicle, under the cut.

Not for the faint of heart )
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Luke and I got in a wreck New Year Eve. We're basically fine-- I got the worst of it with a broken collarbone and large gash on the back of my head, and he just has aches and pains..

but it was damn scary.

I'll post pictures later, to show the car, so you all can see how lucky we are that we're even alive.


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