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So I suppose I should write something that's meaningful... or at least more than a few words. Perhaps I'm too used to facebook and being brief that I've forgotten how to write more long-winded updates on my life.

Either that or I'm just lazy. I'm going to go with the lazy excuse.

Also, forgive any typos, I'm on my new (old) laptop. My sister got a new one and handed this one down to me. It's useful for writing and random web browsing, which is all I need it for, since my PC is a gaming rig. ...That is going to have to be replaced in February when I get my tax return, I think. Either the RAM is going bad, or the graphics card is, because every so often, especially when I'm running intensive stuff, my screen will turn into horizontal lines and completely freeze up. Google tells me it's likely RAM...but I'd like a new computer anyway. Boris is hitting three years old soon... though that's not as bad as this laptop, which is five.

SO I've been married for four months now, and I really can't believe how happy I am. I never thought I could be this happy. It's like, I can't evenn describe it, but knowing that I'm with a person like Luke is just astonishing. Back in high school and college I had kinda thought that I would never find someone who compliments me so well... And it only took a random computer game to find the love of my life.

We have no plans on having kids, at least not for a while. Years, if at all. Right now he's more open to the kid idea than I am, but only in random spurts. He comes to his senses fairly quickly. We have enough going on with work and three cats that a kid just isn't something we can handle at the moment.

Oh, work...

My doctor wants me to do some physical therapy before I start applying to ambulance districts, as my shoulder has been acting up a LOT lately. He's worried that I'll tear something with all of the lifting before I'm ready... I probably should have gotten physical therapy soon after the car accident, but I was stubborn and didn't think I needed it. Oops.

Right now though, I'm happy that both Luke and I have stable jobs. I'm still doing registration and he's a med tech at the local treatment center. It pays the bills and gets us some extra things... like video games. For my birthday, I got FF9 for the PSP. It makes me happy.

Speaking of games, I'm playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and it's awesome. The main character is sex appeal in pixel form... saying that makes me feel like I'm in high school again, but it's true. That is a very, very, very beautiful game.

RP-wise, still playing in JC and bitching about it every day. I'd love to find another Star Wars game like SWFL or even SWTA/SWGB. Forums sound fun right now. Maybe a generic fantasy game would be fun too. I want to play a busty barwench who secretly wants to be a knight. Or something super silly like that.

.. I also have a cold. And only one nostril is plugged up. And a half an hour to go before I can take more cold medicine. Yuck.
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When you have someone to RP with that you know well enough to godmode with, it's always nice. It's fun to keep it going smoothly, rather than a "Blah blah blah attempts to blah blah blah" and yeah. It can also be fun to say "Screw you, canon!" Shifty-eyes.

I usually hate RPing babies and motherhood and shit like that, but it's too perfect with these two characters )
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This was not my night for RP... Oh, I had some great scenes, and lots of laughs...

But the number of unintentional sexual puns and typos was just pathetic. However, I laughed a LOT tonight, and that made it all worth it.

Also? My cats are cute.
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One of my characters might have a *gasp* normal relationship. Is such a thing even possible?

Anyway...at the risk of complaining too much, these next two weeks are going to suck. Badly. Tomorrow (tonight, I guess)...Well, Sunday night, regardless, starts a string of 'em.

Sunday night: 12 hour night
Monday night: 12 hour night
Tuesday night: Class
Thursday night: 12 hour night
Friday night: Christmas-y stuff
Sunday: 12 hour day
Monday: 12 hour night
Tuesday: Class
Wednesday: 12 hour night
Thursday: 12 hour night
Friday: 12 hour night

It'll all look good on payday. I just have to remind myself of that.
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Oh no! Fandoms merging in my subconscious to become really friggin hot scary! Last night I had a dream that Gale (Friends character, FF7 OC) was Darken Rahl (show version, not book version). And uh....yeah. Somehow it really, really fits. And now I can't stop snickering at myself. At least I'm not turning into the fangirl I was ten years ago?

Speaking of dreams, Inception was an AMAZING movie. Best one of the year, most definitely. Mr. Dicaprio can still act...even though I still can't help but picture him as Jack.

Work tonight and tomorrow night, not to mention about 80 zillion things on Wednesday, so I'm going to be pretty much out of commission until Thursday. Dumb 12 hour nightshifts. At least they give me a chance to read and write, so I should have no problem finishing my story for [livejournal.com profile] legendland, and tonight I should also be able to finish Naked Empire which is so far kinda boring (But I said the same thing about Faith of the Fallen and I ended up really enjoying that, mostly for the badass Kahlan bits). I also picked up The Hunger Games on recommendation from a good friend, so it'll be young adult lit time after I'm done with Naked Empire.

...Ehehehe Gale!Darken. Would that mean I can imagine Sai!Kahlan, a la Season 1 finale? Shifty-eyes?

Oh yes. I also had major zombie dreams last night too. Strangely enough, L4D zombies, though I've been playing Bioshock and the Splicers are rather zombie-like.

Speaking of Bioshock (I know I'm late to the game here, only just now playing the first), BIG DADDIES SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME.


Jun. 28th, 2010 11:38 am
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I just did something quite liberating. I deleted all of my old Second Life chat/IM logs. The only reason I kept them was for Midgar/Junon reasons, and that was kinda like me cutting my last tie. I feel freeeeee!

If things cool down a bit, I might play there occasionally, but never again am I putting so much of my life into an RP. It's just not healthy.

Also? I might return to HKC Radio, and I cleaned out my bathroom cabinet! Go me!
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I have a crazy urge to play post-Advent Children Elena again, after I looked up old logs from a pan-fandom game I was in a few years ago. ..Come on. She threatened Yazoo with a shoe and took Kadaj on a date just to get him drunk so she could beat him up.

Looking up games has not been as productive as I thought it would be. I tried both LJ and IJ, and nothing is jumping out at me. ;_;
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Also? On a completely unrelated note, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is creepy.

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~*~walks into the cantina, looking around for friends, enemies, and anyone who might want to kidnap her~*~

.....I've been going through old notebooks to sort my writing into a big box of hanging file folders, and I found the "cantina election" that I wrote back in..2001? Something like that. And after reading that line, a parody of one of the cantina players, (Jedi Princesses DO NOT EXIST. GEAH! I still angry-face over that almost ten years later) I cracked up. And then I looked over to my screen, where I'm playing a 'former' hitman in Perdition on Second Life...and there was someone basically clamoring for kidnap RP.

Some things never change.

I also know that I shouldn't make fun of this player all this time later, but she's grown up and probably laughs about it too.

At least I hope she does.

All of the things making fun of Jason were great to find too. And he DOES deserve it. Dark Lord of the Sith my ass.
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Yo! [livejournal.com profile] hollydb

Matt, from the Cantina, found me on facebook (Because I never did hide my last name...or first name, like you) and says hiiiii.

I wouldn't tell him your real name though, so you're safe. :D
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Talking to Kyle tonight has made me look back on old RP logs and both cringe and grin.

I miss Damry, I really do. And Arielle, actually. Illyria too. And Damia. And Raine. Tressa...

...The Ulic clone named Sephiroth? Maybe not as much. :D
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Sai's 4.0 limit break )
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Update on the medication )

Now...to pay my cable bill and get my kitties more canned cat food so they stop meowing in my face. xD

Oh. Sai wins points for saying no last night. ...Or well, not saying yes. *eyes her icon* DID YOU EVER SAY NO, DAMRY!? DID YOU!?
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Gale kissed Sai.

I can't stop laughing.

...And this song oddly fits. o.o

(Shush, I've not listened to it in...3 years now? It just came on my playlist. >.>)
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Another reason that Sai = Damry.

They both have those weird daddy issues. o.o
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I came to a disturbing but kinda neat conclusion the other day. Sai = Damry and Maria = Tressa.

Sai has issues with fidelity and freedom and is tempted by the dark side (ShinRa, in this case). She got married, but kept her own last name. Damry had issues with fidelity and freedom and was quite often tempted by the dark side. Both are divorcees (Although, Sai's in the process of)

Maria has temper issues and throws things at her husband. Tressa had temper issues and threw things at her husband. Both of them made their names hyphenated. Maria Bredal-Elkanah, and Tressa Alyrs-Antilles.

Wheee. Now I just need a Raine clone, and my main Star Wars characters will be reborn into FF7. xD
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Lesson of the Day:

When hanging out with a gentleman who calls an androgynous man a girl, run away. If you do not run, said androgynous man will then stab you many times with a sword that could rival Sephiroth's.

However, should you wish to get close to the gentleman with difficulties in figuring out genders, not running will give you that opportunity as you nurse yourselves back to health.

That is all.
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I am overwhelmed by character development at the moment. From Sunday on, Sai has gotten loads of it. From kicking ass to discovering her religion wants her to betray her country to negotiating with the Vice President to getting her ass handed to her and deciding it was all for her religion, which she's starting to dislike...yeah. It's been a fun couple of days.

And it's official. I am OFF fast food. I am allowed something once every two weeks, or if we're on a trip, as it's hard to find cheap food that's still healthy. There's definitely some winter flab to get rid of, and that's a good first step. I'm going to start working toward the exercise part.

Oh! Sai's about to get kissed! Were she not about to fall over dead from gunshot wounds, Kenji would be feeling her knee in his balls at the moment. As it is, she's going to stare at him and be all "Dubya tee eff, mate."

...Why yes, I did just use this icon, but it's too pretty not to use all the time. Kuja's totally prettier than Sephiroth, but don't let Sephiroth know I said that. He just wouldn't understand that he's sexier, but not as pretty.
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Quote of the day-

Val: You know, when I woke up this morning, I didn't think to myself, "Oh, I should get pictures of Rufus peeing on Alazar!

I lack words. XD

12 hour shift tomorrow, sleepy time for me.


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