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Slayers Revolution makes me happy.

Very happy.
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Wow...I'm listening to a cd right now that I haven't listened to in...ages. About three years, actually. It's just very soft and whutnot, which isn't my cup o' tea. Oddly enough though, today it just kinda...fits.

Anyway, this has been week from hell. Again. I completely bombed my speech, then the Cubbies lost...and Thursday I had a pysch test (But I got a 94..whoo hoo!)..and Friday I had an algebra test, which I am quite sure I completely bombed. I just..can't do math. -_-; ...And I have to talk to my advisor soon, which will utterly suck, because I have no clue how to pronouce his name. >.> Blah.

At least Friday's anime club was frickin awesome. We watched more Excel Saga, then .hack...and OMG!!! *shivers* Frickin AWESOME episode. I can't wait until Monday to watch more. ..And after the acutal meeting, we all played with my toy lightsabre and ran around the room, jumping on desks, and about three different guys told me I looked cute...and I was happy.

.....And work yesterday *shudders* I LOVE my job, but it is soo exhuasting. 9+ hour day. -_- ...First I had to sit through the symphony rehearsal, which was nice...and then listen to it all again when I worked the show....and that wasn't that bad. Gee..hit a button every twenty minutes...but after that, we had to completely take everything down and put other things up...I didn't get home until almost 1 am. 'least Eric drove me back to the dorm, because I did NOT relish the idea of walking home at 1 am on a Saturday night. Bah. I am completely bruised up though. Even my palsm are bruised. I pinched one in a chair, and I'm not sure what I did to the other one.

Anyway...now to finish cleaning up the room.

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I just had my...best ever quiz bowl tournament. It was..incredibly awesome. First off all, I played almost the entire game, sitting out for only one half...and then, I had several "Ross moments." To understand what a 'ross moment is, you must understand SHS quiz bowl history. Ross Day was like...the best ever player on the team...I think he went to nationals or something too. But anyway...first Ross moment comes with this..

Moderator: "For ten points, name the author of the line, "For foo-"...before he could go any further, I had buzzed in with Alexander Pope. :)

Then I had the same thing happen with Chocalate being the answer. And again with Laura Ingalls Wilder. And yet again with...get this, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Yup. Wide array of questions at this tourny.

So after I get these questions right, the coach says I had Ross moments~!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D It was my crowning achievement in Quiz Bowl.

The only low point came in the second to last round. I have been waiting ALL YEAR for a Final Fantasy question...and seeing as we got a Metroid, Resident Evil, and GTA question, I figured we'd get a Final Fantasy one. So the moderator starts his question with : "The long awaited sequal to this popular video ga-"...and Ed buzzes in with "Oregon Trail 2."

I could have killed him when the mod continued with "starring Yuna and Rikku in recaccuring roles.

At least the other team didn't get it either. Then Ed would have been so dead it isn't even funny.

However...Max'll kill me when he finds out I missed a Roman Emperor question. Come on though...the question was "This Emperor was considered wonderful by the people when he began his reign, but was then killed by an advisor." ....Answer: Practically EVERY Emperor!?..Anyway, I said Julius Ceaser. Wrong. It was Caligula. Nooow...if the question woulda had something about a horse advisor, then I'd defiantly get it. Otherwise...how the hell were we supposed to know?

And I love Vicious. Yep. That bishie has taken the place of Sephiroth. Tee hee. Lissie and I had a huge discussion about Cowboy Bebop on the way there this morning...and then a HUUGE argument about who was better, Yoko Kanno or Nobou Uematsu. T'was fun.

But the best part of the day...it was wowing all the guys in the audience when I answered "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City." Priceless my friends, priceless.
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Let's see...I tried to post the other night, but livejournal decided to be a bitch.

So anyway, the other day, I was ready to kill Cody. See...before this year, I was always the short, unpopular kid...and every time someone would say "Hey Katy..so-and-so thinks you're hot"..it was always a cruel joke. So ..um..Monday, I think, Cody is like "Katy, Trevor thinks you're hot!"

I don't even know who the hell Trevor is. >.>

What makes me mad is that Cody goes to my church..and is all nice to me there, but once he's with his friends, he acts like a bastard.

And I have a new anime obsession. Cowboy Bebop. Lissie lent me her DVD's...the entire (UNEDITED) series..and I just have three more episodes to watch. Spike is just...cool, as is Faye..and Ein, and Ed..and Jet......and Vicious is my Sephy with short hair :D Now I want to start RPing bounty hunters. >.<

*thinks for a moment* Yeah..this is a short post...that's all I have to talk about. Oooh..Evenescene kicks all ass...and I have another Quiz Bowl tourny tomorrow.

And snow is the spawn of satan.

See you space cowboy...


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